A wooden garden pergola offers a unique way to blend both aesthetic beauty and functionality within your outdoor space. These striking timber structures most commonly consist of vertical wooden legs and an open roof grid to create a shaded area or walkway, as well as becoming a timeless focal point for your garden’s design.

At Oak Frames Direct, our easy-to-assemble wooden pergolas are made from sustainably-sourced timber which is thoroughly graded throughout the design and construction process. With bespoke options available, your design specifications are at the heart of our process and we endeavour to delight our customers with every timber kit we produce.

Why not try out our pergola kit configurator tool and get a free quote for your dream wooden pergola? You can also contact the team at Oak Frames Direct today for further advice on your project.

Oak Frame Pergola
Oak Frame Pergola

Our Range of Traditional Oak Pergola Kits

All of our wooden pergola kits are constructed using the highest-quality green oak beams to ensure a robust and long-lasting timber structure which is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

With years of industry experience to inform our supply choices, we favour the Quercus Robur or Quercus Petraea species of oak, which are optimal for manufacturing purposes. The larger volume of oak available also helps us to achieve a more affordable price point for our customers, without compromising on quality.

We understand that a timber pergola must seamlessly enhance your outdoor space, without looking out of place. For this reason, we offer bespoke design solutions across our oak frame pergola kit range, giving you full control over the dimensions and finishes of your wooden pergola, including the number of beams, as well as the length and height of your pergola.

The Oak Frames Direct Way

Oak Frames Direct have over 30 years of industry experience, designing and installing our wide range of oak-framed buildings and structures across the UK. Our customers benefit from:

  • Precision-cut kits: We use the Hundegger CNC K2 to cut the most precise beams of timber and create a flawless finish for all of our wooden pergola kits. Each section of our timber frameworks fits seamlessly together, and our skilled carpenters use traditional jointing techniques to enhance the finished product even further.
  • Sustainable supplies: We are committed to ensuring sustainable practices throughout our supply chain and construction processes. We engage with schemes which see that three new trees are planted for every one tree felled for our timber supply, championing healthy, sustainable forestry. 
  • Q-mark certification: Our manufacturing process reaches the highest industry standards, meeting 22 strict measures to ensure the superior quality of our oak-framed kits. We are also a member of TRADA, giving you the reassurance that our products are approved by the industry’s leading timber authority.
  • Fast delivery: With quick and reliable delivery and turnaround times, your expertly-crafted wooden pergola will be with you, enhancing your outdoor space in a matter of weeks. Our streamlined manufacturing process and efficient suppliers allow us to manufacture and deliver your oak pergola within 6 to 8 weeks from the completion of production drawings.


We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.


How Can a Wooden Pergola Be Used?

The open lattice structure of a pergola roof is an excellent way to create shade in your garden or outdoor space, without restricting air flow or blocking out natural light entirely. Depending on dimensions and placement, the horizontal wooden slats offer different levels of shade and can be installed over seating areas or pathways, attached to your home or as a freestanding structure.

A wooden pergola is also an incredibly effective framework for cultivating climbing plants and vines to create a lush green canopy, which provides additional shade and contributes to the natural flora decorating your garden. 

Other design choices might include hanging colourful potted plants around the perimeter of your wood pergola, or adding lightweight drapes and string lights to create a welcoming space that truly comes alive at night.

The Benefits of a Wooden Pergola in Your Garden

For those of us who love to adorn and improve our garden, or those of us who simply enjoy the tranquillity of relaxing outdoors, a wooden pergola is a spectacular addition to your outdoor space. The benefits of a timber pergola are numerous, including:

  • Weather protection: There is nothing better than a summer’s day spent socialising or relaxing in the garden, but this can be easier said than done when the sun is beating down on you and your guests. A wooden pergola provides relief from direct sunlight, creating a shaded area or walkway. Although our pergola kits are designed with the oak frame only, you can complement yours with a roof covering to shelter from sun and rain alike.
  • Privacy: A wooden pergola is an excellent solution to add privacy to your outdoor space, whilst maintaining an open-air structure. Additional features can also be added, such as billowy drapes or plants for more privacy. Our wooden pergola kits are easy-to-assemble and can be constructed with minimal technical knowledge, meaning that you have free reign over where you wish to construct them for increased privacy.
  • Aesthetics: Regardless of its functional benefits, a wooden pergola can be a stunning focal point in any garden or outdoor space, that creates an elegant, timeless feel. Pergolas can be used to mark out a defined space in your garden, such as a social area or outdoor dining space.

How Much Does a Wooden Pergola Cost in the UK?

Our custom-crafted timber pergolas are individually priced based on your bespoke requirements, helping you to design to your budget and adjust the features and dimensions accordingly. For every oak frame we manufacture, we strive to provide competitive quotes which reflect the quality of the product.
Due to our bespoke pricing system, we are unable to provide a list of prices, but for more information and a custom quote, you can use our configurator tool to design your pergola and receive a no-obligation quotation, or alternatively get a standard quote here.

Oak Frame Pergola
Oak Frame Pergola

Do I Need Planning Permission for My Oak Pergola?

When installing a wooden pergola or developing your home with other constructions, it is essential to be aware of any legislation or guidelines which might need to be adhered to, in order to avoid costly fixes or delays.

In most cases, a wooden pergola should not need planning permission before being built. This means you’re free to start your project whenever you wish. However, there are some exceptions to the rule, such as whether the land you’re building on is in a national park, or exactly where you’re planning to install your pergola.
As such, it’s always recommended to clarify with your local council ahead of carrying out any developments to your home, to ensure that nothing has gone amiss. You can also take a look at our guide for more information, and we’ll be able to provide you with bespoke support through our approved planning contractor.

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We are oak-framed building experts, and we work tirelessly to provide our customers with the highest level of service and superior-quality kits. Our concept-to-completion service means that our skilled team help you to craft your dream wooden pergola, from the initial CAD designs to the final stages of aftercare.

With bespoke options available to ensure that your wooden pergola is uniquely crafted to suit your garden and personal design tastes. To get a flavour of the impact our stunning wooden pergolas can have, you can browse our online gallery which truly showcases the beauty of our oak frame kits.

Feeling inspired? Take the first steps towards enhancing your outdoor space with a wooden pergola, and contact our helpful team today for more information.