Add Beauty and Charm to Your Property With a Handcrafted Wooden Pergola

Oak Frames Direct are proud to offer our customers a stunning outdoor feature with our gorgeous timber frame pergolas.

Sustainably sourced and handcrafted ‒ Easy to build ‒ Results you will love

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Our Wooden Pergola Kits Are Easy to Build

All of our non-oak timber frame pergola kits are crafted from the highest quality Douglas-fir we have, and the traditional jointing techniques we use to build them ensure that they are as easy to install as possible.

No matter if you are DIYer with some experience and looking to build a new structure for your climbing plants, or an expert carpenter who spends every day making something new, you can expect a swift build and the end results you have been dreaming of.

We want to help our customers get the wooden garden pergola they have always wanted, and this means helping as much as we can. As such, all of our kits come with easy-to-follow instruction manuals, and if you so require, we are happy to also provide planning drawings.

If you have been looking for an easy-to-build pergola to add charm to your garden, get in touch with us today. We will be happy to help you get exactly what you want for your space.

Why Choose a Timber Frame?

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Our timber pergola kits are all sustainably sourced and the Douglas-fir they are made from comes with a number of benefits that other materials do not have. The first of these benefits is that Douglas-fir is an extremely hardy material and resistant to the elements, meaning it will most likely require little maintenance compared to a material like plastic. It is also famed in construction for its versatility, so the kits are easy and quick to make and you will get your kit faster, meaning you can have it installed in no time at all.

A timber pergola will cost you less than substances such as plastic or oak, as well. As such, the Douglas-fir timber pergolas we provide make an excellent alternative to our oak pergolas, if you are looking for something on a slightly smaller budget. This is all achieved without losing any of the durability or classical design that makes all of our pergolas the perfect focal point for your garden.

Uses for Your Wooden Pergola

When customers call us, we know that they are looking for a beautiful new feature that they can use to make their garden stand out, and that they can decorate as they please. Pergolas are the perfect garden structure for this, as they make a great starting point for climbing plants that can then take over and form a green canopy.

Even if you are not planning on letting it grow all the way to the top, it is also relaxing to be able to sit out under the partial shade of your pergola in the summer and admire your roses climbing up the sides.

If you already have something in mind for the design of your pergola and you cannot see it available on our site, please don’t hesitate to tell us when you call to order. We will be happy to accommodate and assist in bespoke pergola design ideas.

Why Should You Choose Oak Frames Direct?

Our company stands out from the crowd when it comes to timber construction, and we are proud to be able to share these reasons with our customers.

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Our Timber is Sustainably Sourced

For every tree that we cut down and use in our timber frame kits, we make sure that three are planted in its place. This ensures that we are playing our part in maintaining the environment and keeping our product sustainable for the future.

We Have On-Site Timber Grading

Our expert team of timber graders carry out all the inspections of every piece of timber that arrives on our site. They are all highly trained and qualified to do this, so you can be sure that your timber pergola kit will be of the highest quality right from the very start.

Defects are Checked For Thoroughly

Each piece of timber that we have will be studied carefully for any problems, faults or weaknesses that could potentially affect the structural integrity of a kit. This could have an impact on the whole build if left, so we do everything we can to ensure this does not happen. We will responsibly recycle any pieces that do have flaws.

We Perform Quality Control

We like to ensure that our standards are kept as high as possible, and we are proud to have been recognised in our industry by Exova BM TRADA because of this. We have also been awarded the Q-Mark certification for our high quality products and service.

We Offer Competitive Pricing

We make sure that we keep our waste to a minimum when we work, by using everything we can from the finest quality trees we have, meaning that we are able to offer our customers the best and most competitive prices on the market.

We Will Deliver Nationwide

We know that many people across the UK are turning to timber for their garden structures and we want as many people as possible to get what they are looking for, so we are happy to help by providing our pergola timber kits as far afield as the Isle of Jersey.

Contact Us Today

If you have been looking to buy wooden pergola kits that you can have ready for the spring and in time to get your plants prepared, contact Oak Frames Direct today.

We will be there to help you with anything you need, from ordering your dream pergola, to questions about bespoke services and ideas of what you would like if you have something particular in mind. You can also find an instant quote for the pergolas you want on our site, and our fast delivery service can have it shipped out to you as soon as your kit is ready.

If you would like more information about putting your pergola together, or if you think you may need planning drawings, please get in touch with us. We want to see you get the garden that makes you happy.