When looking to improve your home, look no further than an oak rear porch from Oak Frames Direct. Our range of oak-framed rear porches encapsulates beauty and functionality in one, providing shelter and privacy whilst adding timeless beauty to your home’s rear-facing facade.

For over 30 years, we’ve been delighting customers across the UK with superior-quality oak-framed rear porches designed bespoke to their specifications. This means that, whatever you envision for your rear porch, our experienced craftsmen have the tools and experience to make it a reality.

Our efficient, reliable and streamlined manufacturing process allows us to deliver your oak-framed structure in as little as 6 to 8 weeks, giving you the peace of mind that your rear porch will be with you in no time. 

Contact our team today to find out more about how we can help you design your dream rear porch.

Wall Mounted Porch

What Is a Rear Porch?

A rear porch is a canopied structure which can be open or enclosed, attached to the back of a building to shelter a property entrance. Whilst front porches are typically designed to provide space at the front of the house to welcome guests, rear porches are more commonly used for access to a property’s back garden. Both structures usually come under permitted development regulations.

Our Range of Oak Rear Porches

We offer a range of porch designs to suit every home, ideal for the front or rear of your property. Depending on how you intend to use your rear porch and the design effect you’re hoping to achieve, with Oak Frames Direct you can choose from:

Wall Mounted Porch Kits

Our wall mounted oak framed porch kits are 100% green oak frames fully jointed, using traditional joints, ready for you to put together and fit. These oak framed porch kits will make wonderful addition to any house.

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Floor and Wall Mounted Porch Kits

Our entire floor and wall mounted porch frame (including rafters) is made from green oak and jointed using traditional jointing techniques, ready for you to fit.

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High Brick Plinth Porch Kits

Our high brick plinth oak framed porch kits are manufactured from green oak and come fully jointed, using traditional joints, ready for you to assemble.

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Low Brick Plinth Porch Kits

Our low brick plinth oak porch kit (including rafters) is made from 100% green oak and jointed using traditional jointing techniques, ready for you to fit.

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Full Height Porch Kits

Our full height oak framed porch kits are manufactured from green oak and are fully jointed, using traditional joints, ready for you to assemble and fit.

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Lean To Kits

Our entire oak frame lean to kit (including rafters) is made from green oak and jointed using traditional jointing techniques. The oak framed lean to kit includes all pegs and nails to completely erect the frame.

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Floor and Wall Mounted Porch

Bespoke Design Choices for Your Rear Porch Kit

Our entire range of oak rear porch kits can be customised to suit your bespoke requirements, ensuring that your structure fits perfectly your design vision. Our team is always on hand to support you with design where required.

All of our oak-framed rear porch kits are made with the finest quality Quercus Robur and Quercus Petraea oak, and are rigorously quality checked throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure an impeccable final product. However, we offer a number of bespoke design options across our range, including:

  • Frame type
  • Construction material (choosing between oak and Douglas Fir)
  • Post size
  • Front eaves beam, front truss and front beam ends
  • Roof pitch

No matter your rear porch design, from small wall-mounted designs to full height frames, you can rest assured that it will be handled with expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. 

Use our configurator tool today to bring your rear porch ideas to life, or contact our team to discuss your free bespoke quotation.

Rear Porch Kits With the Oak Frames Direct Difference

We provide the ultimate solution to your rear porch needs, and offer a simple and efficient service to ensure your oak-framed structure is exactly as you expected. Purchasing an Oak Frames Direct kit means benefitting from:

Stringent Quality Checks

We are proud to demonstrate superior attention to detail through our Q-Mark certification from BM TRADA. This means that all of our products adhere to 22 strict quality standards, overseen by our highly-trained timber graders.

Sustainable Focus

We strive to take care of our planet by ensuring that our supply chain is sustainable. We only ever source timber from well-managed forests which plant three trees for every one tree felled.

Easy to Assemble

Our oak-frame kits are manufactured with the utmost precision using the state-of-the-art Hundegger CNC K2, resulting in easy-to-assemble kits. All of our kits come complete with simple assembly instructions and all of the required fixings for a near effortless rear porch solution.

Outstanding Value

We offer bespoke quotations calculated to reflect the superior quality of our oak-frame kits, whilst remaining competitive on price. Owing to our attention to detail and discerning use of the best oak, your rear porch will provide long-lasting value for money.

Build Your Dream Rear Porch With Oak Frames Direct

Compared to more modern UPVC porches, the timeless, rustic beauty of oak means additional curb appeal for your property, blending in with natural surroundings and improving your home’s sustainability.

Keep your home’s rear entrance covered and sheltered from the elements with a bespoke oak-framed porch from Oak Frames Direct. With unbeatable quality, precision-cut frameworks and reliable nationwide delivery, we’re the premium option for your rear porch needs. Contact our team today for your free bespoke quote.

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