Oak Frame Lean To

Bespoke Lean to Porches Made from Quality Oak

Our crafted lean to porches are made from beautiful green oak and made bespoke to your measurements. We are proud to provide oak lean to porch kits that bear the sought-after Q-Mark.

Our oak porch kits are made to be easy to assemble, exceptionally sturdy, and to be a stunning addition to your home. 

Use our impressive lean to porch builder to customise your design and get an instant cost estimate or contact our team of professionals to talk through your porch needs and get an instant quote.

You can read on below to find out more about our lean to porch kits, why our manufacturing processes are superior and how oak framed lean to porches can enhance your property.


We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.

Why Do I Need a Lean to Porch?

Porches are beautiful structures that can transform the look of your entrance and welcome guests to your home like nothing else. Porches also have the practical benefit of providing shelter and storage when they’re larger. But what exactly are lean to porches?

Lean to porches can be frame or wall-mounted and have a roof that slopes forward away from the wall, giving it the leaning appearance and name. This kind of roof is also referred to as ‘mono-pitch’.

Oak Frame Lean To

What Are the Benefits of an Oak Lean To Porch?

Our oak framed lean tos are perfect for fitting to a wall if there is limited space at the front of your house. But these porches don’t just have to be fixed to your entrance. They also make beautiful additions to the back of your home as a veranda. 

Oak is a beautiful material for porches because of its natural beauty and durability. As it’s one of the most weatherproof materials, an oak porch will stay looking attractive on your home for decades to come. 

Frame kits like the quality ones we produce give you the high-end decor of a wooden porch with easy assembly.

Our Oak Frame Quality Assurance

We are at the forefront of timber construction because of our superior manufacturing processes. Our passionate carpenters are some of the most skilled in the business and come with years of experience in timber craftsmanship. 

Why buy your lean to oak porch kit from us? Here are five reasons why we’re the leading providers:

Our commitment to sustainability

The species of oak we use, Quercus Robur and Quercus Petraea, are renowned for their sustainability. They grow straight and tall and produce exceptional timbers so more can be used in the construction process and less is wasted. As well as this, three saplings are planted for every tree felled for our oak construction purposes.

Our timber grading process is unbeatable

When the timbers we have ordered arrive in our workshop, they go through our visual check and grading system. Our highly trained graders complete these checks with rigorous attention to detail so that your lean to porch kit has impeccable structural integrity. Any timbers that can’t be used will be responsibly recycled.

Our precision cuts make for easy assembly 

We use machines at the forefront of technological innovation that produces only the most precise cuts. These machines are calibrated constantly throughout the process. The precise cuts that these machines produce create timbers that fit into place seamlessly when you come to assemble your kit, meaning it takes you less time and less effort.

Our products bear the prestigious Q-Mark

We are incredibly proud to be one of the only oak trading companies in the UK that supply products bearing the Q-Mark. With this, you can be assured that the oak framed porch kit you buy from us is industry-recognised and made to the highest standards.

Our prices are competitive

Because so much of the Quercus oak tree species can be used in construction, the material costs are brought down. This means that our prices are very competitive, especially when considering the quality of our kits and their ease of assembly.

Get a Quote for Your Beautiful Oak Framed Lean to Porch

Oak Frames Direct provides the highest quality timber frame porch kits that you’ll find in the UK. Our superior sourcing, grading, and building processes make us a cut above the best. With our super-fast delivery system and kits which are primed for easy assembly, you’ll be able to get your stunning lean to porch up and finished in no time at all. 

Get in touch with our team of professionals to learn more information or to discuss unique requirements – we’re always on-hand to offer free technical advice and can accommodate a range of different needs.

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