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Beautifully Bespoke Wood Frame Garage Kits

We supply stunning wood frame garage kits to customers across the UK, hand-crafted to the highest quality with sustainable manufacturing processes. All of our wood frame garages are customisable and built for easy assembly.

If you’re looking to build a custom garage, a wooden frame garage kit made from the Quercus Robur or Quercus Petraea species of oak that we use is the perfect choice. Our rigorous manufacturing processes and the beautiful wood frame garages they produce make us a cut above the rest.
Read on for more information about the benefits of wood frame garages and the superior services we offer, or get in touch for an instant quote. You can also use our state-of-the-art virtual garage builder for more inspiration.


We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.

2 Bay Garage

The Benefits of a Wood Garage

Wooden frames provide optimal thermal performance, maintaining the ideal temperature, humidity and moisture for storing vehicles better than other building materials.

There are a number of other benefits that make wood frame garages the smart choice for a garage building:

  • Lower maintenance: Oak framed buildings are heavy-duty and exceptionally durable, making them more weather resistant than materials like brick, cement, or uPVC. This ensures their upkeep requirements are minimal.
  • Less disruptive installation: Oak framed garages take less time and a smaller workforce to put up due to the smaller amount of materials involved and easier assembly process. 
  • Incomparable aesthetic: A bespoke timber frame is a classic material that brings a beautiful, sophisticated charm to your property that you just can’t achieve with other materials. 

Installing a timber garage on your property will truly transform it. The option to add a room above your garage opens up a number of possibilities beyond just vehicle storage. You could use this room for any number of purposes:

  • A studio or workshop
  • Additional living space like a recreation room
  • Extra storage space
  • A home office

Why We’re the Best Choice for Your Wood Frame Garage

A second-to-none quality assurance process

We are proud members of TRADA, the industry’s leading timber authority: we only supply BM TRADA Q-Marked products that meet the 22 approved industry standards. There is no better mark of quality for timber in this industry.

Every piece of timber that we order from the sustainable site we use is inspected by our highly-trained, certified timber graders. Only flawless pieces are used to ensure complete structural integrity; any timbers that do not meet our exceptionally high standards are recycled.
Read more about our quality assurance process.

Sustainable manufacturing

We only use timbers from sustainably farmed Quercus Robur and Quercus Petraea oak species where two or more trees are planted for every tree cut down. We also make sure to recycle any pieces we can’t use, so nothing is wasted.

Expert craftsmanship

We produce stunning, flawless beams with the state-of-the-art Hundegger CNC machine, which is rigorously calibrated before and throughout each job. Our skilled carpenters also use traditional jointing techniques that offer a stunning finish on kits that fit together seamlessly.

Kits designed for ease of assembly

Every kit we make is designed for a simple installation process that you’ll only need rudimentary DIY skills for. We supply detailed assembly instructions with all our kits as a standard.

Fast UK delivery

We know you want to put your beautiful wood frame garage up as soon as possible, so we aim to work quickly and deliver quickly – without any compromise on quality. We deliver across the UK at a time convenient for you.

Wide range of custom options

Every property is unique and has its own specific requirements. At Oak Frames Direct, we’re always happy to accommodate different needs. The options for customisation that we offer ensure you can build your garage around you and don’t need to compromise on what you want. We’re committed to fulfilling your vision.

2 Bay Garage with Room Above

Our Superb Range of Bespoke Wood Frame Garages

You can browse our fine selection of wood-framed garages and receive an instant online quote by clicking on any design:

Be sure to download our brochure for the full specifications including what accessories you can add on like the garage doors we offer.  
Our team are also always on-hand to discuss unique requirements and give expert advice including on whether or not you’ll need planning permission – just get in touch.

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We are one of the most trusted oak construction companies in the UK, with over three decades of experience in quality oak crafting. When you buy from us, you’re getting the highest quality of craftsmanship that creates stunning wood frame garages that stand the test of time. Just get in touch with our team of experts today to immediately start your dream build, or use our virtual tool below.