2 Bay Timber Garage with rooms above

Timber Garage Kits

Oak Frames Direct offers a range of stunning timber garage kits, tailored to your needs and specifications. Our timber garages shelter your cars from the elements whilst providing a beautiful rustic complement to your house. Our kits are easy to assemble, and built to last. We have over 30 years experience building oak products of the highest quality, earning an unimpeachable reputation for the quality of our products and service.

Our timber garage kits are truly customisable. We will work with you to build a bespoke garage kit tailored to the needs of your cars and property, be that a single garage, a double garage, or even a larger custom garage. Our garage kits are handcrafted from sustainable green oak, and can be delivered across the UK. We aim for a quick turnaround on all of our timber garage kits, allowing you to quickly start work on your new garage, building at your own schedule.

4 Bay Timber Garage with rooms above

Our Range of Timber Garage Options

Whatever you are looking for in a self build timber garage, be it a single garage to protect your car in the winter, or a larger garage to store your fleet of classic cars, we can build it for you. Our luxury garage kits are fully bespoke, meaning that we can tailor them to your needs. We can build garages with wider bays, open walls or double doors, even with windows or double glazing. If you are looking to build a wooden workshop we can tailor the dimensions around your needs. Our kits make excellent garages and workshops, with a wide range of customisable features like garage doors. We also offer a brilliant selection of standard designs, allowing us to enter production quickly.

Our timber frame garage kits bring a timeless look to your property, expertly blending with both countryside and town environments. They are both durable and attractive, keeping your cars safe whilst bringing a clear aesthetic beauty to your property.

Speak to our team today about the specifications of your ideal garage. We can work with you on the design process, adjusting height, width, walls and doors, and roof types to suit your needs. We offer fully bespoke garage kits, designed and built specifically for you.


We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.

4 Bay Timber Frame Garage

Easy to Assemble

Oak Frames Direct uses traditional jointing techniques in our timber garage kits, ensuring easy assembly. Every oak beam in your garage will easily slot together, offering a strong, sturdy bond upon completion. Each of our kits is delivered with step by step instructions, walking you through each stage of the construction process. We work hard to ensure that our timber garage kits are easy to build for anyone with basic DIY experience. We can also provide you with the planning drawings for your garage, upon request.

Upon completion, our timber garages will be a permanent fixture on your property. Each of our garages is built from sturdy green oak, to exacting design and manufacturing standards.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Sustainable Oak: Our self build timber garages are built from sustainable green oak, sourced from a specially chosen site in France. We plant 3 saplings for every three used in our products, ensuring the environmental sustainability of our garages.
  • Expert Wood Grading: Every piece of timber in our garage kits is thoroughly checked when it arrives at our workshop. Our team of carpenters and timber graders utilizes state of the art equipment to check on a microscopic level for cracks, warps, and other imperfections. Any wood that might compromise the strength of our garage kits will be sustainably recycled.
  • Precision Wood Cutting: We use a Hundegger CNC K2 to cut every piece of green oak in our garage kits with precision accuracy. This ensures both the easy assembly of our kits and their continued structural integrity. 
  • Q-Mark Certified Products: All of our timber garage kits are Q-Mark certified. The Q-Mark is an industry recognised quality standard, granted only through thorough testing. The Q-Mark on our garage kits showcases the high quality you can expect in terms of products and service from Oak Frames Direct.
Three Bay Garage

The Cost of Your Timber Garage Kit

A timber garage kit from Oak Frames Direct comes with a bespoke price tag, calculated based on material costs, size, and design complexity. We don’t charge more for our custom-designed garages, as we believe in offering each of our customers the garage of their dreams at a fair price. We can give a free, no obligation quote on any of our timber garage kits, so if you would like to know the cost of a two, three, or even four bay timber garage from Oak Frames Direct, request a free quote from us today.

2 bay timber garage with sectional garage doors

Will You Need Planning Permission for a Timber Garage Kit?

While adding a larger structure to your property can sometimes require planning permission, a regular-sized timber garage should classify as a permitted development. While it is always worth contacting your local planning authority, single story detached buildings are almost always permitted. If you were to build one of our bespoke garages with a room above you may need to request planning permission. There are other considerations, such as if your house is a listed building, or if you border a national park. If you have any doubts, contact your local planning authority before beginning any construction project.

Beautiful Timber Garage Kits from Oak Frames Direct

Oak Frames Direct can begin production on your new timber frame garage kit today, starting work on production drawings as soon as you place an order. We aim to manufacture and deliver our garage kits within 6 to 8 weeks, allowing you to begin production on your new garage as soon as possible. 

Whatever your needs in a garage, we can design and manufacture a high quality timber kit for you. Contact us today and we can start building the garage of your dreams.