2 Bay Oak Framed Carport

Oak Framed Carport Kits

Protect your cars from the elements with a stylish oak framed carport from Oak Frames Direct. Whether you are looking to shelter one car or a whole fleet, we can design and build a high quality carport kit for you.

Our products are made from the finest green oak, assembled by our team at our state of the art studio in East Sussex, and delivered to you anywhere in the UK. Our carport kits are easy to assemble, and built to last.

Contact us now to discuss our range of carport kits with one of our experts. We can answer any questions you might have, and start production on your oak framed carport kit today.

2 Bay Carport

Our Oak Framed Carports

Whatever the needs of your cars or your property, we can build a carport kit for you. Whether you are looking for a stylish addition to your property, or just a way to keep your classic cars protected through the winter, with our kits you can quickly assemble a durable oak framed carport on your property. Our attractive carports blend effortlessly with any environment, perfectly complementing your house, and potentially adding to its property value, whilst protecting your cars from both sun and rain.

Our carport kits are affordably priced, with bespoke free quotes available on our products.

Why Choose Oak Frames Direct?

  • Beautiful, sustainably sourced timber: Every kit we produce is built from green oak, famed for its strength. Our wood is from a specially selected site in France, and for every tree used in the construction of our products we’ll plant three saplings. As a company we are committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that we will be able to continue making products for generations to come.
  • Upfront Bespoke Pricing: As each of our oak framed carport kits is uniquely made for our customers, we charge a bespoke price based on materials used. We do not charge more for our custom designs, and are confident that our carport kits are affordably priced.
  • Built to Your Specifications: We will design and build a carport kit based on your needs and the dimensions of your property. All aspects of our carports can be altered, so whatever specific demands you may have we will be able to provide the carport you need.
  • Expert Timber Grading: Each piece of wood is carefully checked when it arrives at our site. Our team of experienced carpenters and timber graders will utilize state of the art machinery to check our wood for cracks and warps too small for the eye to see. Any wood that does not meet our exacting standards is responsibly recycled, further demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.
  • Precision Cut Oak: We use our precision manufacturing equipment to perfectly cut each piece of wood in our kits. It’s vital that the oak pieces in our carport kits fluidly slot together to allow for a quick build, that gives a long lasting oak building.
  • Q-Mark Products: All of our oak carport kits are Q-Mark certified. Q-Mark is a rigorous series of 22 tests that our products adhere to, one of the most respected certifications within our industry. The Q-Mark on all of our products showcases how Oak Frames Direct prioritises quality and excellent durability.


We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.

Three Bay Carport

Carport Kits Built to Your Specifications

We are happy to work with you on a bespoke design for your oak framed carport, at no extra cost. At Oak Frames Direct we will interface with our customers, and make adjustments to our designs in terms of dimensions, height, or even the amount of solid walls. Whatever you desire in terms of an oak framed carport, we will do our best to accommodate. If you want to protect a larger vehicle, or if you want to protect multiple vehicles, we can build you the perfect carport kit.

All of our bespoke carport kit prices are based on the size and material costs of the kit. Our prices are competitive and upfront. Enquire now to get a no obligation free quote for one of our oak framed carports.

2 Bay Carport

Easy to Assemble Oak Carports

Our oak carport kits are built with traditional jointing techniques, easily assembling with their tongue and groove design. They are designed to come together easily, whilst remaining extremely durable once assembled. Our kits are designed to be approachable for any DIY enthusiast, and come with step by step instructions walking you through the building process. If necessary, planning drawings can be made available to you, simply request a copy from us.

You can begin installation of your oak framed carport as soon as it arrives with you, having a fully functional oak framed building in no time, perfect for protecting your cars from the sun and harsh weather.

Buy Your Oak Framed Carport Kit Today

If you are looking for a stylish oak framed carport, Oak Frames Direct can build you a bespoke kit for your ideal carport, that you can construct on your own timeline. Contact us today to start work on your new carport, and it should be with you in 6 to 8 weeks, sent out for delivery as soon as work has been signed off.

Our expert team is available now to discuss our range of carport kits with you. If you need any guidance we can talk you through our range and manufacturing process, or if you know what carport you need we can commence work on it immediately.