2 Bay Garage with Room Above

High-Quality Large Wooden Garages to Transform Your Property

We are a leading supplier of unbeatable quality large wooden garages in the UK. Our beautiful oak framed garage kits are available in a large range of sizes and come with a wide selection of customisable extras. From one-bay garages to four-bay garages (or larger!), we even provide optional upper floor extensions.

All of our kits are handmade to the highest standard with quality wood from sustainable sources. Read on for information on our selection of sizes and building types as well as why Oak Frames Direct is the best option for large wooden garages in the UK. 

When you buy a wooden garage from us, you get the following benefits:

  • Highest quality timber
  • Value for money
  • Oak frames built with a focus on easy assemble 
  • Bespoke builds with exciting customisation options


We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.

2 bay garage with room above

Our Wooden Garage Quality Assurance

Garage frames built by us use high-quality timber put together with expert carpentry methods. We are proud members of TRADA, the industry’s leading timber authority, and are proud to supply only BM TRADA Q-Marked products. There is no better mark of quality for timber.

Our products go through meticulous manufacturing processes to meet 22 industry-approved standards to give you the greatest peace of mind on the quality and structural integrity of your wooden garage frame.

Here is the quality assurance process all of our wooden frames go through:

  • Sustainable timber sourcing

We source Quercus Robur or Quercus Petraea species of oak which have been sustainably farmed. These species are known for offering the highest quality timber for manufacturing purposes, producing longer, straighter oaks at a more competitive price.

  • Visual checks and grading on delivery

Every single piece of the timber we receive for your build is thoroughly inspected by certified timber graders, ensuring only flawless pieces are actually used. 

  • Precise engineering

The machinists we use produce high-quality beams using state-of-the-art technology, reducing any risk of data processing errors or human errors. The Hundegger CNC machine is rigorously calibrated before each job and has its calibration monitored throughout for complete accuracy in the crafting of your frame.

  • Further quality control checks

After the timber has been machined to the exact specifications of your dedicated file, there are even more checks against quality standards for any more potential defects.

  • Final quality control checks

Before the engineered timbers are packed for delivery, each one is visually checked and cross-referenced against its file to ensure every part is present and correct. 

  • Finished product

Whether you’re assembling the frame yourself or using builders, the Q-Marked kits we provide are made for quick, easy assembly. We provide clear instructions along with beams that are pre-drilled for fixings and pre-cut for birdsmouth jointed rafters.

To learn more about our manufacturing process and the Oak Frames Direct difference, download our informational leaflet here.

Large Wooden Garage

What Are The Benefits of a Larger Wooden Garage?

  • Protect your vehicles: Avoid having to bother with clearing snow or ice (or bird droppings!) off your car by protecting it in an extremely sturdy, weather-proof garage. The security of our wooden car garages and the doors that we provide means your vehicles are safer.
  • Get extra storage space: A large garage means more space to store things that you may not want to leave outside, like garden furniture.
  • Gain a multipurpose space: A large wooden garage with a room above it is fantastic for creating an extra working or living space.

Our Superb Range of Large Wooden Car Garages

We are a leading supplier of superior quality wooden garages for a reason. Everything we make is bespoke to your requirements, so you can get the wooden garage that you want.

Oak is a fantastic material for constructing garages because of its versatility – garages made of oak can seamlessly fit into the unique design and aesthetic of any property. Not only does oak have this beautiful timeless look, but it is also incredibly durable and weatherproof. The structural integrity of the oak frames we provide is unbeatable.

You can build your ideal garage with the virtual builders on our site, or read below for the different options you have for large wooden garages.

Be sure to download our brochure for the full specifications.

2 Bay Garage with Room Above

Single-Floor Large Wooden Garages

Our large wooden car garages come in many sizes with as many bays as you want or need, with single or double doors optional, too. We have a choice of roof ends and either open or closed stores at the ends depending on requirements. 

Everything we offer is bespoke and customisable, with the below among our most popular:

A standard bay width is 2600mm with the option to place partitions between bays or to keep it all open.

2 Bay Garage with Room Above

Wooden Garages With Rooms Above

We offer a wide range of frame styles for our cross-sections and building links, meaning you have an even more varied selection for customising your timber building. You can design a large L-shaped wooden garage or even add another floor above your garage to really maximise your space.

Our garages with rooms above them come with beautifully-made external oak staircases. Along with this, you can also add optional extras like dormer windows and Velux window trimmings to really enhance your upper floor area. As always with Oak Frames Direct, bespoke designs are also available: just send us your requirements for a quotation or call our sales office on 01424 838 500 for more information.

Large 4 bay garage with rooms above

You’d be surprised with how much a room above your garage can offer you. Once you have a brand new, beautifully built space to fill, you could use it for any number of purposes, including:

  • Studios or workshops
  • Extra living spaces like a games room
  • Extra storage space
  • A large garden shed
  • A home office

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Two-Storey Garage?

A double garage with a room above will be over 4 metres in height, which means it’s likely that you’ll need to get planning permission before you build it, whether it’s a garden building or an extension of your house. The experts at Oak Frames Direct are always on-hand to help you with planning permission applications and any advice you need, just get in touch

Have a look at our options for standard two-storey garages:

Garage Roof End Options

You can get a number of different roof end finishes to supplement the design of your garage. 

The design options are:

  • Gable
  • Gable with aisle
  • Gable with outshot
  • Barn hip
  • Barn hip with aisle
  • Barn hip with outshot
  • Hip
  • Hip with aisle
  • Hip with outshot
2 bay wooden garage

Garage Door and Window Options

We also offer traditional-style garage doors. These are 45mm thick as standard and come with hand-forged hinges which are bolted through the door and post for extra security. Also included with the doors are two softwood handles, two bolts, and a dead-bolt with a wooden escutcheon. Our personnel doors for rooms above garages come complete with frames, brass butt hinges, black handles, and a five-lever mortice lock.

All of the windows we offer are double glazed for safety and insulation, with outside panes fitted with stylish black ironmongery. We always go the extra mile to ensure the windows and doors we build are completely safe and secure so you can rest easy.

Open and Closed garage

Partitions, Open and Closed Stores

We offer a number of different options for additional stores that enable you to get the absolute most out of your large garage with all the extra storage space. You can choose an open store, a closed store, or a partition. All of the posts, soleplates, eaves, beams, and curved braces we make will be in treated softwood. 
Look through our comprehensive brochure for detailed information on the specifications and customising options for large wooden garage frames and all the optional extras.

Get a Bespoke Quote on a Large Wooden Garage in the UK

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have become one of the most trusted oak construction companies across the whole of the UK. Our kits are not only built to the highest carpentry standards, with unbeatable customisable options, but they are also built to be easy to assemble. Choose Oak Frames Direct for your beautiful, bespoke large wooden garages and transform your property today. 

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