2 Bay Garage with Room Above

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Oak Frames Direct produces high-quality oak framed garage kits. We can build you a bespoke kit for a double garage with a room above, offering a secure place to store your cars, with additional living space above, perfect for a home office. Your kit will be tailored to your dimensions, and easy to assemble on your own schedule, saving money on labour costs.

Our team has over 30 years of experience producing wooden buildings, so you can be assured that when you order a double garage with a room above kit from Oak Frames Direct, you’ll be receiving an attractive, resilient, and easy to assemble product.

Contact us today to start work on the plans for your double garage with a room above, or use our custom building tool to explore our wide range of options.


We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.

2 bay garage with room above

Bespoke Double Garages With a Room Above

We manufacture our two-bay garages to fit the needs of our customers. We can make many adjustments to the dimensions of your kit, its design, and the inclusion of doors or windows. We offer sturdy pitched roofs. For a room above, we can add an external staircase, to offer more room for storage on the ground floor. 

Our kits are completely customisable, allowing you to build your ideal oak framed double garage with a room above. Our custom builder tool allows you to experiment with our wide range of customisation options, showcasing the types of garage we can make.

The room above your double garage can serve many purposes. It can be used as a workshop or home office. You could install equipment to make a home gym or games room. Or you could simply use it as additional storage space. If you want to stay in your house but need more space, a double garage with a room above can be a great way to add a beautiful additional room to your property. Whatever you are looking for in a double oak garage with a room above, we can design and build a tailored kit for you.

2 Bay Garage with Room Above

Designed For Easy Assembly

Our double garage with a room above kits are designed for easy assembly, utilising traditional jointing techniques. With tongue and groove design the wooden beams of our double garages slot together simply. We prioritise an easy assembly with all of our kits, making them suitable for those with some DIY or home improvement experience. We include detailed instructions with each of our kits, and can provide copies of the planning drawings to you if needed.

The Benefits of Using Oak Frames Direct

Oak Frames Direct offers products of the highest quality, designed and built in adherence with sustainable principles. We believe this dedication sets us apart from our competitors in several ways:

  • Sustainable Oak: We build our double garage kits with beautiful green oak, sourced from a specially selected site in France. We prioritise sustainability in our oak frame buildings, planting three saplings for every tree used. This helps to ensure that we can continue to make our oak buildings for many years to come.
  • Thorough Wood Grading: All wood is checked by our team of timber graders when it arrives at our UK workshop. We’ll utilise state of the art technology to carefully check for warps, cracks, and faults. Any wood that could impact the structural integrity of our garage kits is responsibly recycled.
  • Precision Cut: Our carpenters use specialist equipment to cut each piece of oak in our kits, ensuring accuracy. This provides two clear benefits, ensuring a straightforward build process and contributing to the long term integrity of our garages.
  • Q-Mark Certified: The Q-mark is an industry-leading certification from BM Trada. All of our products are Q-Mark certified, showcasing the exacting standards they are built to. The Q-Mark on all of our garage kits demonstrates our commitments to quality and sustainability.
2 Bay Garage with Room Above

Will You Need Planning Permission for a Two Storey Garage?

As the height of your oak framed double garage with a room above will be over 4 metres it is likely that you will need to apply for planning permission to build it. Buildings over 4 metres do not fit the parameters of permitted development. Oak Frames Direct can help you with your planning permission application if needed, so don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance.

2 Bay Garage with Room Above

The Cost of our Double Garages With a Room Above

Much like our designs, our garage costs are bespoke, calculated based on complexity and material costs. Our prices are competitive, and we don’t charge extra for bespoke designs. We are happy to offer bespoke free quotes on all of our products, so if you are curious about the costs to build a bespoke double garage with a room above, simply request a free quote through our website.

Buy Your Double Garage With a Room Above Today

Whatever you are looking for in a double garage with a room above, Oak Frames Direct can build a high-quality wooden kit for you. If you want a place to protect your cars that doubles as a home office, gym, or social space, we can produce a bespoke product for you.

We aim for a fast turnaround on our garage kits, entering production as soon as plans for your double garage with a room above have been agreed, with options for UK delivery upon completion. Talk to a member of our team today, and we can begin work on your double garage with a room above.