Make Your Property the Way You Want it With Our Timber Framed Buildings

We design and manufacture all of our timber frame building kits to suit your exact needs and requirements, no matter if you have been looking for a new space for storage, a workshop or a place you can entertain guests during the hot summer months.

We sustainably source all the materials we use and everything we make is handcrafted on our site, with careful inspections taking place before they are made into our self-build timber frame kits.

Traditionally Built Kits ‒ Swift Installations ‒ Competitive Prices  ‒ Results That Last

Take a look at our selection of high quality, durable and traditionally built timber framed buildings in the UK. We are bound to have something in our stock that you love, whether you are more interested in a hard-wearing workshop space or an aesthetically pleasing summer house.

Pick the Timber Framed Building That’s Right for What You Need

No matter if you work in a trade, or even if you just want a product that you know will last as long as you need it to, contact Oak Frames Direct today. Our staff are on hand to help in any way that they can, from building your kit to your exact specifications, to answering any questions you may have about our services.

Our Timber Framed Buildings

All of our timber frame self-build kits in the UK are made from Douglas-fir and crafted to the exact requested specifications of our customers, making them the ideal choice for any number of uses. Whether you need a place to work or a place to relax, one of our timber frame building kits can provide it for you, in the timeframe that suits you best. Put yourself in charge of your own work project by purchasing one today.

You can also change or enhance the look and use of your finished project, by combining it with one of our other products. Anything you choose is bound to have a fantastic-looking end result. Get in touch with us today if this is something you would like for your planned building work. As expert timber frame building suppliers, we will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your project.

Why Choose Oak Frames Direct?

We are proud to be our customers’ first choice for timber frame buildings in the UK, and there are a number of reasons why we come so highly sought-after and recommended. With our decades of experience in the oak and timber construction industry and our timber frame builds’ costs calculated exactly, we have not only ensured that we can provide some of the highest quality products on the market, but we have also practiced and perfected our skills to the point where we can offer our customers all the services they need, at a price that suits their budget.

Here, we have listed some of the benefits that you will be receiving, when you choose to buy a traditional or bespoke timber framed building from us:

  • We Check All Timber for Defects – all of our gathered materials are made to undergo a series of careful, thorough checks when they reach our site. If any of our professional carpenters or timber graders find faults or flaws with the wood at this time, the material will be recycled, rather than used in a kit. This keeps our timber frame building kits at the strength they need to make a hard-wearing product at the end of installation.
  • Work is Carried Out on Our Site – every stage of our work, from grading the wood to manufacturing the kit, is carried out in our very own workshops on our worksite. We oversee every step of the process, to ensure that your timber frame structure is being designed to the standards we expect and to the quality of build that you deserve.
  • Quality Control is Paramount – we only ever use the latest technology to make sure that our materials are up to the standards that we expect of all our products. Using the latest technology also allows us complete precision in making our kits, without room for mistakes or flaws with the finished kit.
  • We Sustainably Source Our Timber – we sustainably source all of our Douglas-fir timber from one site in France, and for every tree we use, we make sure that three are planted in its place. By doing this, we are ensuring that we can continue to make high quality products for years to come.
  • Our Prices are Competitive – we minimise waste with the trees we use, as they are longer and straighter than many other sources of material. Because we can use more of each tree we cut down, we are able to create better products, allowing us to offer more competitive prices to our customers.

Bespoke Timber Framed Buildings

We don’t believe in charging our customers more, just because they have opted for a bespoke design. All our timber framed builds’ costs are calculated based on size and type, not on whether they are a ready-made design, meaning that you can have your timber frame swimming pool building, workshop or home office just the way you would like it, at no extra cost from your budget.

Discounts for Trade Industries

If you work in a trade, and you have been looking for a timber frame building kit to provide a fast, hard-wearing solution to a building project, we will be happy to help you. We can even help you come in on, or even under, the budget you have for your work, by providing you with a trade discount. Contact us today and we will be able to discuss what you need, before setting you up with the discount you need.

Our Timber Framed Building Kits are Easily Assembled

We only ever use traditional jointing methods to put our products together, so that they are prepared for a quick, easy assembly at a time that fits your schedule. Our methods ensure that, if you have some experience, you will be able to put your timber framed building together in a faster time than if you had chosen a different material, or even the same material that was manufactured in a different way.

Our kits all come with their own easy-to-follow instruction manual as well, and we will be happy to provide you with planning drawings upon request.

Contact Us to Buy and Build Your Own Timber Frame Building Today

If you have been looking for high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing buildings from a timber frame building supplier that you know you can trust, call Oak Frames Direct today. Whether you are looking for a timber framed swimming pool building, a workshop, or even just extra storage space for your property, we can design and craft it perfectly for your needs. As we can deliver your product quickly and safely across the whole of the UK, you will be certain to get your kit when you need it, as well.

Contact us and we can help you get started on ordering the timber framed building kit you need to complete your project. All of our staff are highly trained and are ready and waiting to help you by answering questions, or by helping you to set up an order for the timber building you have always wanted.