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We design and handcraft timber kits from a sustainable source to create high quality finished products.

Professional timber graders on-site ‒ Instant quotes ‒ Swift and simple installations ‒ Q-Mark certification ‒ Trade discounts

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We only ever use sustainable timber and we hand-craft everything onsite.

We can help you get rid of unnecessary labour costs, by providing installation kits with their own instruction manuals.

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Our Wood Frame Garage Kits Are Easy to Build

We aim to make building a timber frame garage easy for our customers, from part-time DIYers with some experience to professional carpenters, builders and other tradespeople. All of our products are specifically designed to be put together swiftly and with as little hassle as possible; we even provide an instruction manual with each kit, and will happily supply planning drawings of each timber frame garage design upon request.

If you are hoping to build an extension on top of your garage for extra living space or storage, we can also help you with this. Get in touch with us today and we can talk you through options for the build you want.

Discounts for Trade Industries

We are able to offer discounts to those who work in trade industries, so if you fall under this category and you are looking at timber frame garages for sale, please contact our team today. We will be able to discuss the discount further, as well as arrange your delivery.

Why Choose a Timber Frame?

Our non-oak products are all sustainably sourced Douglas-fir, and these timber kits come with a number of benefits that other building materials do not have. The first of these is that timber framed garage prices are significantly lower than those of other materials, such as bricks or cement.

Douglas-fir also makes for a cheaper alternative than oak, so these timber frames are cheaper than our oak framed garages, while retaining the same durability and classic design.

Douglas-fir makes for a perfect building material because it is hard and resistant to wearing, meaning that it will need little maintenance when the structure is complete. This can save you money in the long term, as your timber frame garage is more likely to last for longer without needing parts fixed. As wood also retains heat better than other materials, it can also be cost effective in terms of your energy bills, by keeping your new building hotter or cooler for longer, depending on the weather.

As this species is also known for its workability, the kits are easy to make and will be just as easily put together, too. With fewer materials to worry about and a smaller workforce needed, you can expect a Douglas-fir timber garage to be completed sooner than one made from non-wood materials, and at a price that is cheaper than oak.

Why Should You Choose Oak Frames Direct?

At Oak Frames Direct, we know that we stand out among construction companies for several reasons, and we are proud to be able to share these reasons with our customers.

Our Timber is Sustainably Sourced

For each tree that we cut down in order to make one of our projects, we are sure to plant three more in its place.

This ensures that our products remain sustainable and that we are playing our part in preserving the environment for the future.

All of Our Timber is Graded On-Site

We employ our own expert timber graders to carry out all inspections when new timber pieces are shipped to us. All of our staff are highly trained and fully qualified, so our customers can be sure that their kits are in safe hands from the very beginning.

All Timber is Checked for Defects

During the inspection process, each piece of timber will be studied carefully for any weaknesses or flaws that could affect the structural integrity of a kit. If one is spotted, the timber will be responsibly recycled, ensuring that only the best timber we receive goes into our customers’ purchases.

We Perform Quality Control

We use the latest technology to ensure that every piece of timber meets both our standards and the standards set by Exova BM TRADA. We have even been awarded Q-Mark certification for this process, proving that we ensure our work is of the highest quality.

Our Prices are Competitive

We invest in only the best quality timber, taken from the best quality trees grown. This minimises the waste left after our work is done, and means that we can offer our customers more competitive prices.

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If you have been looking for an easy-build timber frame garage, contact Oak Frames Direct. We will be happy to offer you a free quote on what you are looking for, and can help you build your dream garage through our bespoke service as well. You can also receive an instant quote online, before you get to experience our super-fast delivery service throughout the UK and Jersey, once you have ordered your new garage.

If you are not sure which timber frame garage you need or would like, call us today. We know how to build a wood frame garage and we know which design will be best for every situation, so we will be ready to tackle whatever you need.