An expertly-crafted wooden gazebo kit from Oak Frames Direct has the power to transform any outdoor space, creating the ideal garden haven for social events or relaxing evenings spent al-fresco. These versatile structures create a permanently accessible open-air space, protecting you from seasonal elements as well as creating a stunning focal point for your garden’s design.

All of our bespoke wooden gazebo kits are crafted from high-quality green oak and Douglas Fir timbers, meticulously graded by our specialist team throughout the manufacturing process. We use traditional jointing techniques and provide easy-to-follow assembly instructions to ensure that our kits can be constructed by customers at home.

With typical turnaround times of 6 to 8 weeks, there’s no reason to delay. Start the process towards your perfect wood gazebo kit today, either by browsing our gallery for inspiration or contacting us with your bespoke requirements to get a free personalised quotation.

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A Huge Range of Bespoke Wooden Gazebo Kits

Oak Frames Direct has designed and supplied a huge range of wooden garden gazebos for customers across the UK, so we understand the importance of flexibility when enhancing an outdoor space. To aid this we offer completely bespoke designs across all of our timber gazebo kits, giving you freedom over the dimensions, look, and more to ensure that your wooden gazebo is perfectly crafted to suit you.

We only use the highest grade of green oak timber, favouring the Quercus Robur or Quercus Petraea species of oak for a seamless manufacturing process. A timelessly popular construction material, our oak frameworks are both durable and elegant, blending aesthetics, functionality and longevity in one.

Once designed, your oak gazebo kit will be with you within 6 to 8 weeks, and with all the necessary construction components and comprehensive assembly instructions included, can be built and fully functional in no time. What’s more, our concept-to-completion service will mean that you have support for your project from the initial CAD designs right through to aftercare packages to keep your timber frame gazebo kit in excellent condition for years to come.

Why Choose Oak Frames Direct for Your Wood Gazebo Kits?

Throughout over 30 years of trading in the building industry, we have garnered a reputation for exceptional customer care and the superior quality of our oak frame kits. We have designed for a wide range of customers, from trade to residential, and maintain the same excellent level of service across everything we do. The Oak Frames Direct way means:

  • Q-mark certification: We’ve worked hard to ensure that the quality of our products is reflected in our accolades, and as such our entire range of oak frame buildings, including our wooden gazebo kits, are Q-mark certified. This means that we’re recognised by TRADA, the industry’s leading timber authority, as meeting 22 approved standards to guarantee the best quality products and services across the Oak Frames Direct range.
  • Precision-cut frameworks: All of our oak frames are cut using state-of-the-art machinery to ensure consistency and accuracy, crafting oak frameworks which fit together effortlessly. Our Hundegger CNC machine is extensively calibrated prior to each individual job, and components are checked and verified by our team at regular intervals in a combined effort to reduce the risk of flaws.
  • Sustainably sourced materials: We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and promoting sustainable forestry throughout our supply chain. We source our timber from managed woodlands in France, and support schemes to replant three trees for each one felled.
  • Meticulous timber grading: Our professional timber graders are involved throughout the design and construction process to ensure that when your wooden gazebo kit reaches you, it is free of design errors or flaws. Any timber beams which do not meet our scrupulous quality control checks are immediately replaced.


We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.

How to Use Your Bespoke Oak Gazebo Kit

Timber gazebos are a versatile way to add structure to your garden and create a charming, inviting and characterful outdoor space. When planning to install a wooden gazebo kit, it’s useful to consider the function it might play in your garden. Some ideas might include:

  • An outdoor dining area: A wooden gazebo provides excellent shelter from the weather, and is therefore a fantastic way to create a protected outdoor dining area. Adding a range of garden furniture such as comfortable chairs and a patio table, or outdoor cooking appliances such as a BBQ or pizza oven will let you make the most of warmer afternoons or evenings.
  • A luxury hot tub shelter: Create a year-round space for your hot tub with added privacy. A wooden gazebo will shelter your hot tub from the elements, as well as provide a structure for additional lighting, allowing you to enjoy your hot tub as the darker nights draw in.
  • A stunning focal point: Make your wooden gazebo the centre of attention in your garden by utilising design features to enhance its basic oak structure. Use the beams to support hanging planters, vines, string lights and more to create a striking, multi-purpose garden feature with additional light or shade.
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How Much Does a Wooden Gazebo Kit Cost?

All of our wooden gazebo and garden building kits are individually priced based on the bespoke customer specifications outlined during the design stage. We price all of our products to reflect the superior quality of green oak and craftsmanship which goes into creating them, whilst ensuring cost-effectiveness for our customers.

To help you cost your project in advance, we provide a bespoke quotation service which is free of charge. Our team is also always happy to answer any questions on pricing to see that you are provided with up-to-date and accurate information.

Do I Need Planning Permission for Oak Framed Gazebo Kits in the UK?

When expanding or enhancing your home with a garden building, it is prudent to keep in mind that planning permission may be required. Procedures vary depending on factors such as whether your building will be temporary or permanent, the location you’ll be building in and the height that the structure reaches.

For a wooden gazebo kit, in most cases you will not need to request planning permission. However, there are some restrictions to be mindful of to avoid the need for planning permission. These include:

  • Height: The wooden gazebo must be under 2.5m in height with 2m of the garden boundary, and under 4m in height if more than 2m of the boundary.
  • Size: The wooden gazebo must measure less than 30m² in size and take up less than 50% of the overall garden space.
  • Purpose: The wooden gazebo must not be intended for use as a permanent accommodation or for commercial purposes.

Due to the variations in legislation surrounding planning permission, it is always recommended to verify with your local council ahead of making plans to construct a wooden gazebo. This will ensure that you are acting in line with local planning permission laws and avoid any delays further on in the process.
Our guide is available for more information, and we will be happy to help you through the process alongside our approved planning contractor.

Get Your Bespoke Wooden Gazebo Kit Quote Today

Our wooden gazebo kits are designed with our customers in mind throughout the entire process. From sourcing sustainable materials and crafting precision-cut frameworks, to providing comprehensive assembly instructions and diligent aftercare services, your oak gazebo kit is in safe hands with us.

To enhance your garden space even further, our stunning wooden pergola kits complement our wooden gazebos, offering similar benefits and beautifying your garden space with a more open structure.

The friendly Oak Frames Direct team is on hand to help and we can deliver our stunning oak-framed kits nationwide, so contact us today to set the process in motion and start designing your dream wooden gazebo.