The oak frame industry quote standard is that when you get a quote for a building, it is a generic quote for a building of that size. You won’t know the true cost of that building until it’s been to the structural engineer for them to do their calculations. If they specify that the timbers need to be upgraded to meet structural requirements, this will be added to the cost of your original quote.

You will also find some framers won’t include structural calculations for your building in your quote. Instead, they will just use the standard calculations. These standard calculations, however, are likely to have not taken into account your specific site requirements, or building specification, size or orientation. In the event that they do get your calculations correct, there is a chance that you will then be charged extra for them.

Included within our quotes are the structural calculations for your building on your site. As the frame quote increases in depth, width, span, and pitch, the frame is upgraded to meet all structural requirements. This means we can guarantee that, whatever we quote you, we will be able to build it for that price, and there will be no extras or hidden fees. 

* In our experience, it’s crucial that every building is calculated to avoid any issues of under-specification, beam size or bracing. We also guarantee site orientation and elevation of your building have been considered.

Three bay garage with room above