Two Bay Oak Garage Kits

Our two bay oak garage kits are primed for fast installation easily built and affordable.

Key Benefits

Q-Mark Products * Easy Assembly * On-Site Timber Graders * Sustainably Sourced

All our two bay oak framed garage kits are made from sustainably sourced green oak timber. Each kit is build on-site by our certified timber graders, ensuring each build is of the highest quality. We also use traditional jointing techniques, meaning not only are our garage kits easy to assemble, but they will stand the test of time. Our range comes with a choice of open and closed end stores and a choice of roof ends.

Why Choose Our Two Bay Oak Framed Garages?

Oak is one of the most versatile building materials in the construction market. It’s versatility means it’s able to seamlessly merge with almost any property. Oak is also incredibly durable, as the material is able to adapt to its surroundings, meaning the changes of the seasons will have no effect on the structural integrity. In contrast, cement, concrete and PVC’s build quality may deteriorate over time and rectifying problems with these materials is often costly.

Assembly is Made Easy

Each two bay oak garage kit we build is primed for fast assembly. Garages made from cement, concrete or PVC often take time to design, build and install. Our oak garage kits remove this burden, because each kit comes with simple instructions and bespoke planning drawings (if you require). All kits are built using traditional jointing techniques, ensuring a solid, compact build.

If you are a tradesmen or carpenter strapped for time, or are looking for an easy-to-build garage on a budget, our kits are perfect for your needs.

Why Choose Oak Frames Direct?

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, and providing Q-Mark-equivalent oak garage kits, we are one of the most respected and trusted oak construction companies in the UK. All timber is graded on-site and built by our experienced carpenters. Additionally, for each tree we cut and use in our designs, another three are planted in its place. Any timber that does not meet our quality standards is also recycled responsibly.

Garages in our range come with a choice of open and closed end stores and a choice of roof ends. Our oak frame two bay garages are made from sustainably-sourced green oak timbers, all of which are fitted together using traditional jointing techniques. This allows for a long-lasting and stunning finish.

Prices are for frame only with no extras and do not include delivery or VAT.

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