Three Bay Oak framed Garage Kits

We offer high quality three bay oak framed garage kits that stand the test of time

Key Benefits

Q-Mark Products * Easy Assembly * On-Site Timber Graders * Sustainably Sourced *

We have made our three bay oak garage kits easy to assemble by using traditional jointing techniques. Swift installation can be guaranteed with our simple-to-follow instructions and expert craftsmanship. Upon completion, your three bay oak garage kit will add character and charm to your property. Our range comes with a choice of open and closed end stores and a choice of roof ends.

Why Choose Our Three Bay Oak Framed Garages?

If you are looking for a three bay oak garage kit that’s quick to assemble and requires little to no maintenance after construction, we have you covered. Oak is one of the most versatile materials in the construction market and has the ability to merge seamlessly with almost any property thanks to its timeless design.

Oak also benefits by adapting to its surroundings throughout the seasons. This means it won’t quickly become weathered by harsh weather and temperature changes (unlike concrete, cement and PVC).

Assembly is Made Easy

Tradesmen and carpenters looking for a quick turnaround time will benefit from purchasing oak garage kits. Every three bay oak garage kit we supply has been built with swift assembly in mind, meaning labour costs and time are both halved. Not only does this benefit tradesmen, but those who are looking for a building project. Each kit comes with simple instructions and planning drawings if required. By using traditional jointing techniques, our builds guarantee a solid, compact finish.

If you are a tradesmen or carpenter strapped for time, or are looking for an easy-to-build three bay garage on a budget, our kits are perfect for your needs.

Why Choose Oak Frames Direct?

Every piece of timber is graded on-site by our certified timber graders, ensuring only high quality timber is used in our kits. Our products also match the extremely high quality standards set by Exova BM TRADA, guaranteeing exceptional quality and sustainable timber sourcing. Additionally, for every tree we use to build our kits, we plant another three in its place. Any timber that is not used in the construction of our oak frame garage kits is recycled responsibly.

Garages in our range come with a choice of open and closed end stores and a choice of roof ends. Our oak frame two bay garages are made from sustainably-sourced green oak timbers, all of which are fitted together using traditional jointing techniques. This allows for a long-lasting and stunning finish.
Prices are for frame only with no extras and do not include delivery or VAT.

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