Oak Framed Pergola and Gazebo Kits – Adding Charm & Character to Your Garden

Our pergolas and gazebos offer you a quaint escape from the summer sun. Whether you’re looking to unwind in an oak gazebo, or decorate a pergola in summer shrubbery, we provide easy to assemble oak kits for every property.

Swift Installation – Easy Assembly – Affordable Prices – Lifetime Results

Each of our pergola and gazebo kits are handmade using traditional green oak, offering a timeless design and exceptional durability.

Our wide range of pergola and gazebo kits make deciding which sort of shelter is right for your garden easy. Our oak frame gazebo kits are made entirely from green oak timber, and are joined using traditional techniques, ensuring solid structural integrity all year round. Our pergolas are also crafted using traditional green oak and are designed using the same traditional jointing techniques.

For more information on our range of high quality pergola kits and gazebos, simply browse through our range, select your preferred kit design and it will be added to your basket.

Pergola Kits

Our oak frame pergolas are made entirely from green oak and jointed using traditional jointing techniques. The kit includes all pegs and nails to completely erect the frame.

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Gazebo Kits

Our oak frame gazebos are made entirely from green oak and jointed using traditional jointing techniques. The kit includes all pegs, nails and staddle stones to completely erect the frame.

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Why Choose Oak Frames Direct?

We understand the importance of owning your own unique garden space. Our bespoke kits allow customers to purchase a design which matches their specific requirements. The timber we use is sustainably sourced, ensuring we’re doing our bit for the environment. When you buy from us, you’re buying oak kits that have passed strict quality guidelines and are graded on-site by our timber graders.

Every customer deserves an area where they can relax and unwind, and our carpenters are capable of designing oak framed pergolas and gazebos perfect for any outdoor living area.

Uses for Your Pergola

Pergolas are a charming addition to any garden space. Originally used for walkways and garden-type uses (growing vines and other shrubbery), pergolas are now also used as a form of shelter from the sun, shaded walkways and a place to sit and unwind in the warmer months.

They are able to support a roof-type structure, whether you choose to form a roof of vines or simply install oak roof beams, the pergola’s adaptable structure lends itself to wide experimentation.

If you’re looking to add character to your patio area, pergolas are also perfect for breaking up or defining certain areas of your outdoor space. They also act as fantastic windbreakers and offer partial shelter from the summer sun.

Uses for Your Gazebo

Gazebos offer similar benefits to pergolas, the only major difference being the size and additional shelter from the sun. Gazebos also offer a more “social” element to your outdoor space, as they’re primarily built to house garden furniture and create a social space. Our oak gazebos are made from 100% green oak and come in 2.8m and 3.8m sizes.

The Benefits of Buying Oak Framed Gazebos and Pergolas from Oak Frames Direct

Our Products are Q-Mark Equivalent

All our oak buildings are Q-Mark equivalent; meaning they have passed 22 strict industry quality standards. Our products have also been independently certified by Exova BM TRADA.

Our Timber is Visually Checked and Graded

Our on-site timber graders independently check each timber piece for defects. If we receive timber that shows any signs of weakness, they are responsibly recycled. We only use the strongest timber to ensure our pergolas and gazebos stand the test of time.

Assembly is Swift and Simple

One of the biggest benefits that comes with our oak framed gazebos and pergolas is that they are primed for swift assembly. By crafting each build using traditional jointing techniques, it allows both professional tradesmen and experienced home DIYers the opportunity to build their gazebo or pergola.

This eliminates labour costs and allows amateur builders the chance to construct their pergolas and gazebos in their own time. Each design also comes with easy-to-follow instructions and accompanied planning drawings if you require.

If you aren’t an experienced craftsman, we would recommend a few helping hands to get your project underway, as the oak posts are made from solid oak, which are heavy and will be difficult to lift and fix into position without help.

We Ship Nationwide and Jersey

We strive to offer our bespoke pergola ad gazebo kits to customers across the UK and Jersey. We also encourage our online customers to click our ‘instant quote’ option to receive a quote tailored to their requirements.

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Please feel free to browse our oak range to discover what build will compliment your home. Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about our planning drawings or discuss specific designs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today via our contact number.

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