Reimagine Your Garden Space with an Oak Framed Gazebo

We design and create beautiful oak framed gazebos of all sizes to complete the look of your garden, exactly as you would like it to be.

Our products are all manufactured from sustainably sourced materials, which all undergo a series of thorough checks and inspections before they are crafted into oak framed gazebo kits.

Affordable Prices ‒ Swift Deliveries and Installations ‒ Handcrafted Professionally ‒ Stunning Results

Explore our range of classically stylish oak gazebos today, and choose the design that you know will fit your property perfectly. All of our creations are made to be long-lasting, as well as aesthetically pleasing, so you are certain to pick a product you will be able to love for a long time to come.

Choose Your Oak Framed Gazebo Kit and Start Work on Getting Your Perfect Garden

If you work in a trade, or if you are a homeowner looking for the right feature for outdoor living, get in touch with Oak Frames Direct today. Our staff will be happy to help with anything you need, from answering questions about our products to providing you with the oak frame gazebo you need for outdoor entertaining.

Our Oak Gazebos

We build all of our oak framed gazebo kits in the UK to the exact specifications of our customers, so that everyone we serve gets exactly the product they want for the use they have planned. Whether you are looking for a shelter from the sun for your outdoor seating area, to a place for an outdoor kitchen or even a hot tub, we will be able to put together the kit you need. Our kits also give you the freedom of building your new oak gazebo when and where you like, putting you in complete control of your work.

Why Choose Oak Frames Direct?

There are a lot of reasons why customers make us their first choice, when purchasing an oak gazebo kit in the UK. These range from our decades of experience in an industry that we love, to the prices we offer, to the precision and care we take in making our kits. We only ever use the finest green oak timber we have available to manufacture our kits, and our professional timber grades use the latest technology to thoroughly inspect the material for any warps or flaws, helping us to choose only the strongest pieces for our work.

We are also able to keep our prices competitive, because we use more of the material from every sustainably sourced tree we cut down, minimising waste. For every tree we use, we will also make sure that three more are planted to replace it.

Bespoke Oak Framed Gazebo Kits

As a professional oak and timber frame gazebo company, we do not believe in charging our customers more for the privilege of using a bespoke design. The prices we offer for ready-made or bespoke oak framed gazebo kits in the UK are exactly the same, as we base our prices on the size and style, not on whether you chose one of our designs or already have one in mind that you love. Contact us today to learn more about our services for bespoke oak gazebos, or to start placing an order if you are ready.

Discounts for Trade Industries

If you work in a trade and you are in the market for a solid oak gazebo to complete the work you have been carrying out, we will be happy to help you come in on or even under your budget by offering a trade discount. Call us to place your order, and we can discuss this more with you.

Our Oak Framed Gazebo Kits are Easily Assembled

We put our oak framed gazebos together using traditional jointing techniques, meaning that if you have some experience, you should find that our kits are swiftly and easily installed. You may even find that your purchase results in a faster build than if you had chosen to use another material, or even the same material that was manufactured in a different way.

We also supply an easy-to-follow instruction manual with every oak gazebo we make, and we will also be happy to provide you with planning drawings, if you need them.

Start Work on an Oak Framed Gazebo Kit with Us

If you are looking for the perfect oak gazebo to complete the look of your garden, get in touch with Oak Frames Direct today. We offer a wide selection of the finest quality, classically designed and built oak frame gazebos, guaranteeing that you will find a product that you love in our range. With our fast delivery times, we can also get it to you as soon as you need it.

Call us today and we can get you started on the oak gazebo that you have been dreaming of placing on your property. Our friendly staff are ready and waiting to help, and will be able to get you exactly what you want, at both a time and a price which works for you.