At Oak Frames Direct, we are passionate about what we do and we are happy to be able to offer high quality oak framed buildings, garages and extensions to our customers in Warwickshire.

Have you been looking for a way to add life, charm and a new sense of character to your home, but found that a lot of methods either extend outside your budget or would take too long to build?

Adding an oak framed building, garage or extension to your property may be the answer you are looking for.

We have 30 years of experience and our status as specialists in the design and construction of oak products has been recognised through certification from Exova BM TRADA.

We handcraft everything we sell on our site, and our materials are all sustainably sourced.

We put you back in charge of your own project and help you to cut the costs of labour, by offering you one of our construction kits.

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If you are in a trade, or even if you are simply looking for a product to complete your property and want something you know will last, get in touch with us today. We hold our work to the highest standards, and make everything to the exact specifications of our customers. So, no matter if you are looking for a garden room, home office, or new workshop space, we are guaranteed to have something for you.

For our customers that do work in a trade and are looking for something to complete a work project, then you may wish to take a look at our discount page for tradespeople. We know that you will be working on a budget and we want to help you come under it, where possible.

Oak Buildings in Warwickshire

Our timber framed products are all crafted to the individual needs of our customers, so if you are looking for a small workshop or office space, or a large multicomplex build to suit all your storage requirements, we can make it for you. If you purchase one of our building kits, you will be in complete control of your project as well. So, you can decide when, where and how your project will be finished. These kits all come with their own instruction manuals, too, and we will happily provide planning drawings upon request.

You also have the option to enhance and improve the look and use of your project, by combining it with one of our other oak framed structures. For example, you may wish to keep your tools safe inside your own home, and so decide to attach your new workshop space to the rest of your house. What you choose to do with the new space is entirely up to you, but we can guarantee that all of our work is bound to produce a stunning end result.

For the cost-effective building you need on your property, simply explore our range to find what you need, or contact us. We have a large selection and our staff are always on hand to help you make the best decision for your build.

Oak Garages in Warwickshire

For customers looking for a new oak garage for their property, you can find a wide variety available in our stock. They come in a multitude of sizes as well, so you can order the kit that best suits your exact needs. Whether you need a small, simple one bay garage for a single car, or a three bay garage with extra storage space for a large family, we can create the product that you need.

To find out more about the garages we have for sale in Warwickshire, get in touch with us today. Our products can all be delivered to your location, too, so find the design you want and order it today.

Oak Framed Extensions in Warwickshire

We can offer you a choice of oak framed extensions from our range, which all bring their own beauty to properties and are certain to delight both you and your loved ones. There is a chance that it will even add monetary value to your home, should you ever choose to sell it.

For a high quality lean to, conservatory, or porch for your home, contact us today and let us help build your dream.

Why Us?

We set our standards to guidelines set by Exova BM TRADA, ensuring that our products will stay at a quality we expect, our customers deserve and the industry believes to be worthy of merit. 

Our products are also sustainably sourced, meaning that for every tree we use in one of our kits, three more will be planted in its place. This helps our products to remain cost-effective and means that we will be able to continue creating them for a long time into the future.

Our Timber Grading Process

When the timber we use reaches our site, it undergoes a series of thorough checks, carried out by our experienced carpenters and timber graders. They pay extreme attention to detail, making sure that none of the pieces have any flaws or warps in the wood which could affect the strength of one of our products. If any are found, the piece will be recycled, while the rest will go on to become one of our kits.

Get Your Oak Framed Building in Warwickshire Today

Our products are built to last, and come ready for a quick, easy installation with their paired instruction manuals.

We can provide a fast, affordable solution to your work project’s needs.

If you need help putting your kit together, one of our carpenters can help you carry out the task.

For the oak framed building, extension or garage that you need for your home, get in touch with Oak Frames Direct today and we can start work right away.