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Oak Frames Direct provides stunning oak porch kits across Surrey

Exova BM TRADA-certified with 30 years’ industry experience

Sustainably-sourced timber is hand-crafted on-site

Labour costs eliminated using simple instructions and installation kits

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Oak Framed Buildings and Extensions | Surrey

Unlike other building materials (such as concrete, PVC and brick), our oak kits come with simple instructions and require no complex building materials. Certain buildings can be constructed in just a few days if you have experience, making them an attractive prospect for tradesmen on a tight schedule.

From charming garden pergolas and green oak orangeries to garages and workshop buildings, our team of designers and carpenters hand-craft a range of oak buildings.

Each oak kit has been designed with swift assembly in mind, accommodating for all skill sets. From home DIYers with some experience to professional carpenters and tradesmen, our oak buildings in Surrey are accessible to all.

Oak extensions are a fantastic and cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of your property and increase your return of investment.

We have a range of stunning oak framed extension options, from charming garden rooms and oak orangeries to complex pool enclosures, warehouses, and studies.

Oak Framed Garages in Surrey

Garage kits come in a variety of bay options, from one bay to four and larger, our oak framed garages are built to accommodate all requirements. Designed to merge seamlessly with all properties, our oak garages add the necessary charm and character to complete your home. You are also provided the option of adding an oak extension to your garage.

We have a range of oak framed garages in Surrey to choose from. Please explore our range for more information.

Why Choose Us?

All our oak buildings are designed to match and meet the quality guidelines set by Exova BM TRADA, who are at the forefront of surveying and inspecting oak construction and build quality.

All timber is sustainably-sourced from France and for every tree we cut down, another three are planted. Sustainability is important to us, which is why we follow ethical planting and sourcing principles.

During our grading process, if we find any defects within the timber, it is not used in our builds and is recycled responsibly.

We only use 100% green oak, as this allows for a lifelong build, stunning aesthetics and low maintenance upkeep.

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Each timber framed building is built for fast assembly and lifelong results. If required, we are also able to provide support if you do not have time to put your oak building kit together.

For more information on our oak framed buildings in Surrey, please call or email our team today.