Three bay garage with room above

Bespoke Oak Framed Garages in East Sussex

If you’re looking for a stunning oak framed garage to transform your East Sussex property, look no further than a leading supplier of Q-Marked oak frames. Oak Frames Direct are the experts in high-quality timber construction.

We craft oak timber frames for a range of oak buildings, including beautiful oak garages. With our complete service, the design and construction of your dream garage has never been easier. All of our oak framed garage kits are made to your specifications and designed for easy assembly.

For the highest quality oak framed garage in East Sussex, Oak Frames Direct is a cut above the rest. Keep reading to learn how our manufacturing process makes us superior suppliers, as well as exactly how you can custom-make your oak framed garage. 

Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your needs or use our virtual garage builder at the bottom of the page to customise your oak build and get an immediate cost estimate.

4 Bay Garage with Rooms above

Why Us?

We pride ourselves on crafting quality oak garages and oak buildings to the specifications of our clients. The uniquely bespoke nature of our design and construction process means your vision will be fulfilled. 

Our decades of experience honing our craft is why we’re the leading specialists in timber construction, creating beautiful oak buildings that stand the test of time. 

We’re the best choice for an oak framed garage kit in East Sussex because:

  • We use precision engineering every time.
  • Our manufacturing methods meet 22 industry standards.
  • We build and deliver quickly, with no compromise on quality.
  • The unbeatable quality of our builds makes them exceptional value for money.

Browse our testimonials for evidence of how our transformative oak framed buildings have enriched our customers’ properties.

Our Oak Frame Quality Assurance Process

All of our frames are primed for easy assembly. We can achieve this because of our rigorous construction process.

We go out of our way to make sure the easy-to-assemble oak frame kit you get is of the highest quality:

  • Sustainably farmed timber: The green oak we use comes from a specially selected site that is dedicated to the sustainable growth of their oak trees. For every tree felled, they ensure that three saplings are planted in its place. They also allow the oaks to grow as tall and as straight as possible, which results in more being used in the construction process and less being wasted.
  • Thorough grading: Our highly skilled timber graders and carpenters are trained to spot even the slightest fault in the timber so that only the highest quality beams are used for your kit. We also use advanced machinery that can detect flaws that the human eye can’t catch. Any timber we can’t use in your oak framed garage kit is responsibly recycled.
  • Precision cuts every time: Our state-of-the-art Hundegger CNC K2 machine is able to produce flawless beams cut with the utmost precision. This makes for timber frames that slot seamlessly together for easy assembly and an exceptionally durable building.
  • Passionate craftsmanship Our carpenters are experts in their field, with decades of experience honing their craft. They use traditional jointing techniques which make for oak framed buildings that are both strong and beautiful.

Look through our gallery for examples of our superb craftsmanship and get inspiration for your oak framed garage in East Sussex.


Our Range of Oak Framed Buildings

We pride ourselves on the customisation options we offer for your bespoke oak framed building. We offer standard designs that you can start with and then customise. You can go single storey, with as many bays as you like, or even add a second storey to create a room above your garage.

Play around with our virtual builder tool at the bottom of the page to see what you can add to your oak garage to make it unique and suit your particular wants and needs

As well as garages, the quality oak buildings you can get from us in East Sussex include:



We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.

Three bay garage with room above

How it Works: Ordering Your Oak Framed Garage With Us

Our process is designed to be hassle-free. If you already have your specifications together, just call us to get the ball rolling. If you need some assistance in choosing what’s right for your property or in finding out whether you need planning permission, get in touch with our team who will be only too happy to help.

How Long Does It Take To Build and Deliver an Oak Framed Garage in East Sussex?

We make sure everything is signed off by you so that we’re making your oak framed garage to your exacting standards. Once the production drawings are approved by you, your bespoke oak frame will be built and delivered within 6-8 weeks.

How Much Does an Oak Framed Garage Cost?

As all of our builds are unique, there is no one cost we can give. The ease of assembly and the long-lasting nature of our oak construction does mean that the value for money is excellent, however. 

We ask for a 20% deposit before your final balance is payable one week before the kit delivery. If for some reason you don’t get planning permission, this deposit is fully refundable. Planning drawings are available on request for a low price.

With some rudimentary DIY or carpentry skills, you should be able to get your frame up yourself, further minimising costs. Or, a team of professionals can get the garage built in a day, dispensing on size.

Get an Instant Quote For Your Custom-Made Oak Framed Garage

Don’t wait to get the bespoke design of your dream oak framed garage started. Our high-quality timber frames will provide an unbeatable aesthetic for your property and stay standing for decades to come. 

Use our virtual builder below to get customising or contact our professional team to discuss your needs for your oak framed garage in East Sussex today.