We install strong, sturdy oak framed buildings all across Dorset

Our 30 years’ experience and Exova BM TRADA certification mean you know you can trust us.

We only use sustainable green oak, and all our products are hand-crafted onsite.

You can take out labour costs with our easy-to-follow installation kits.

Take a Look at Our Oak Framed Garages and Buildings Here

Oak Framed Garages in Dorset

All of our oak frame garages can be built to suit your needs, from the design and the size to the method of building. Each product, from the smallest one-bay garage to the largest warehouse, has been created for an easy build and installation, letting you take the lead on your own project. Our oak framed garage kits also come with simple construction manuals, and planning drawings can be provided as well.

Garage kits can also be combined with any of our other extensions, helping to improve the look of your project, as well as the uses it can have. Anything from lean-tos, to studies and houses can all be enhanced this way, and can give you the finish product you have always wanted.

Carpenters, tradespeople, and all those just looking for an affordable product from a source they know they can trust will find what they’re looking for here. Take a look at our stock for more information. We supply what our Dorset customers want, and we can help you make the best choice for your new build.

Oak Framed Buildings in Dorset

Our team of professional builders and frame designers are always on hand to provide assistance to our customers based in Dorset. From traditional oak framed home offices, beautiful summer houses and serene garden rooms, to strong-framed garages, workshops and warehouses, we can design and build it all.

Oak Extensions in Dorset

We build extensions to give your property not only the look you want and the charm it deserves, but also the added value that might come in useful if you ever plan on selling it. Extensions made with beautiful oak frames can do just this, all while keeping firmly within your budget.

If you’re wondering where to get any kind of extension, then Oak Frames Direct has your answer.

Why Us?

We are a firm that you can trust, as is proven by the fact that we have been certified by Exova BM TRADA. Our carpenters and designers all work to the standards they set, and we keep our methods to these standards, too.

Furthermore, all the timber we use is sustainably sourced from a location France. Three trees are always planted to replace every one used in our oak timber framing, meaning it will also guarantee eco-stability for the future.

Our Timber Grading Process

Defective timber can undermine the integrity of an oak frame’s structure. As such, all of our carpenters pay very close attention to detail when inspecting the timber before it is used. If any defects are found, the wood is not used, and is instead responsibly recycled.

Get Working on Your Building in Dorset Today

Our frames are designed for easy building and installation of kits, with lifelong results.

All our products are a  fast solution to your project’s needs, without hurting your budget.

If you need it, we can even have one of our expert carpenters build it for you.

So, if you’re looking for an extension, building or oak framed garage in Dorset, give us a call today.