We build high quality oak frame building kits across Derbyshire

We have been certified by Exova BM TRADA and have 30 years of experience, so we understand and can accommodate for all your building needs.

We hand-craft all our timber onsite, and only take materials from a sustainable source.

With one of our easy installation kits, you won’t even have to worry about labour costs.

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Oak Framed Garages in Derbyshire

Do you need a small, one-bay garage because you’re getting a new car? What about a large, multicomplex warehouse because you’re a tradesperson and need a place to store your goods and tools? If so, we are here to help. Our products are designed and created to suit your needs, no matter what that might be, and our installation kits come with easy-to-follow instructions for a simple and straightforward build. We do everything we can to put you in charge of your own project, and that includes offering planning drawings as well, if you require them.

You can also combine your new build with another oak framed extension in order to enhance the look and overall value of the end result. Why not consider getting in touch with us, so we can talk you through the options?

We have a large selection of products available in Derbyshire and we’d be happy to help you make the best choice for your project. No matter if you’re a tradesperson, carpenter, or just looking for a high quality product, take a look at what we have for more information.

Oak Framed Buildings in Derbyshire

We pride ourselves on being able to design and build a variety of different spaces for our customers, from home offices to garden rooms, as well as our large range of garages and warehouses. Each can be designed with you and your needs in mind, and our expert builders and carpenters are on hand to help with whatever needs doing.

Take a look at our stock of green oak timber frames and think about starting your building project today.

Oak Extensions in Derbyshire 

Extensions are a low-cost, effective way of adding not only charming and attractive features to your property, but also monetary value. In doing this, they also cut out the stress of budget planning that bigger projects, such as redecorating, would involve. 

If you’re looking for a new garage space you can turn into a workshop, or a conservatory you can just enjoy relaxing in, go through our range of extensions and you’ll be sure to find something which works for you.

Why Us?

You know you can rely on Oak Frames Direct, because we have 30 years of experience already to our name, and certification from Exova BM TRADA to prove that we know our industry. All of our designers, carpenters and builders work to their standards, so you know you will never get a product made from anything other than high grade timber.

Our products are all made from sustainable French green oak, and for every tree we use, three are planted in its place. This makes our timber frames not only high quality and value for money, but also means that we are helping to maintain eco-stability for the future.

Our Timber Grading Process

Our carpenters will always thoroughly inspect all the pieces of timber we have before using them, to make sure there are no defects. Weak or damaged timber can affect the structure of building frames, and cannot be used in any of our installation kits. As such, if any defective piece are found, they are responsibly recycled instead.

Begin Your Derbyshire Building Work Today

Our timber frame kits are created for easy assembling and a reliable result.

You can expect a fast, affordable solution to your needs.

Our expert carpenters can even help build your project, upon request.

Contact us today if you’re in Derbyshire and looking for an amazing range of oak framed buildings, extensions and garages.