Our team at Oak Frames Direct specialise in designing and crafting bespoke oak garage kits at affordable prices within the UK. Oak-based construction projects are preferred over steel and other metal-based kits because of their longer lifespan and minimised labour time.

We’ve listed our five top benefits of why you should build you own garage kit as opposed to paying for labour costs.

1. They’re Easy to Assemble

Arguably the biggest benefit when it comes to our oak garage kits is that they’re easy to assemble, making it ideal for those who are on a strict deadline.

Our oak framed garage kits come in an easy-to-build format, meaning everyone from novice DIYers to skilled carpenters will be able to construct our kits at their own pace, in their own time. Each kit comes with its own specific building instructions that have been written and designed in-house by our expertcarpenters, ensuring each assembly piece is the perfect fit.

We encourage our customers to build their purchased kits at their own pace. Assembling our kits can take anywhere from two days to a few weeks, depending on your individual skill set and your timeframe.

2. They Cut Costs on Labour

Opting to buy an oak garage kit and choosing to build it yourself comes with the benefit of eliminating labour costs. If you’re looking to save money on your garage kit, our step-by-step assembly instructions are easy to follow and are accessible to all skill levels.

Kits made from metals, concrete and PVC can often take weeks to build and require more tools, materials and labour. Our kits are designed for quick turnaround times, with customers being able to build them at their own pace.

you need assistance with assembling a certain part of your oak garage kit, our dedicated team are always on-hand to deliver their expert advice to help complete your project. Simply call us if you require further advice on any part of the installation process and our team will guide you through the finishing stages.

3. They Are an Investment that Saves You Money

Our oak kits are built to last and require little to no maintenance once installed. Unlike other garage kits made from concrete, steel and other metals, oak has 2.5x the thermal mass of concrete, meaning they offer greater insulation properties, offering better preservation of heat and therefore, lower energy bills. Oak also requires far less energy to heat and cool.

Additionally, oak naturally adapts to its environment over time, which will transform the colour of your garage and causing some splitting in the wood. This change will have absolutely no impact on the oak’s structural integrity, and if anything, will only strengthen the structure and improve the aesthetics of your garage, giving it a more natural, authentic look.

4. They Offer Quick Solutions for Trade Businesses

If you’re a builder, carpenter or building contractor who requires an oak garage kit, we can supply the kit and you can build it. We have several oak garage kit options available on our Garage/Workshops section, from one-bay garages to workshops and complexes. We make the construction process quick and easy for contractors, minimising labour times and sourcing materials.

Our oak framed garage kits are manufactured on a state-of-the-art Hundegger CNC K2 machine, giving reassurance that is has been precision engineered for seamless onsite assembly.

5. The Construction Process is Enjoyable and Rewarding

Constructing your own oak garage kit is a rewarding process and customers will learn the basics of carpentry and construction, giving them the confidence to tackle more projects in the future. Also, working with timber is far easier than metals, concrete and PVC, and our kits do not require bricks or mortar to complete.

Additionally, garage kits made from PVC go through a chemical process that severely damages the environment. PVC is also the most environmentally damaging plastic in the construction market. Oak requires no chemical creation process and is known to absorb huge amounts of CO2 which greatly benefits our ecosystem, whereas other materials such as metals rank highest for negative CO2 emissions.

6. Exceptional Oak Garage Kits at Affordable Prices

All our timber projects are sourced ethically, and each piece of timber is inspected before and after machining to ensure all safety regulations have been met and quality levels are consistent throughout. This ensures that every piece of timber used in our designs is of the highest quality and is built to last.

If you’d like a quote on your oak framed garage, or you’d like to know more about what kits we offer, please browse our Garage/Workshops section. Our service also includes expert guidance on your design and low-cost planning drawings before you order your oak frame, if you required. For a direct quote or more information on our garage kits, please feel free to call our friendly sales team today on 01424 838500 – we also guarantee super-fast delivery.

If you do not have the time or skills to assemble your oak garage kit, we offer the option to have your oak frame fitted by our recommended assembly company..

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