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When it comes to home improvement, size definitely matters

Whether you live in a house or a mansion, deciding how to utilise your land and what scale you need to consider when adding to your home is a very important decision, and we’re going to break down what you need to know when making such important decisions when it comes to our specialty; Oak Garages.

What is the Oak Garage for?

The first thing you need to look at when deciding what you need and how big you need it is its purpose; and you can be as philosophical as you like

An Oak Garage, or any for that matter, can have many different purposes, some can do many things at once, some are only designed for one specific purpose.

They can be used for storage, extra space to place items you want to keep but don’t want to litter the house; mainly objects containing memories, objects that can be used once in a while but not all the time and the list goes on..

They can be used to store your precious car – or cars – which you use frequently or which you take out once in a while for that special occasion then lock back up and maintain to the best standard possible; those classic BMWs are a right treat.

The amount/size of whatever will be housed within the garage is a very important thing to consider.

If you need a garage which should be able to store a 4×4 but can barely fit a sedan, it’s going to be a whole load of headache.

Similarly, if you have a garage that fits a truck but is only used to house a few boxes, you’ve got more space than you’ll know what to do with

The best thing to do to figure this out is plan anything you might want to go in and consider future prospects.

Buying a new car and need somewhere to store it? Factor that in

Need a place to store old items from days that past a long time ago? Factor that in

Future proof your garage as much as possible so you know when the time comes, you are ready; but don’t go too overboard, in this case there is a thing that exists known as being too ready

Once we’ve figured out the first part of the puzzle the rest is easy.

You can then decide on the type of door, you can have a door that slides upwards, that opens sideways, remote controlled, whatever best suits the garage’s purpose

You can decide where you will place the garage, will it be next to your home or detached. If it’s attached, will there be access to your home from the garage via a door.

If it is used to store more than one vehicle or a vehicle alongside storage items, you can opt in for a double garage which conjoin together and can house many things within them all of which can be either stored in a single open area which is attached together or divided – usually by a wall – and neatly separated into two or more different areas all of which contain different things; for that extra neatness and peace of mind.

The hassle and headache of deciding what to do and what to get when it comes to Oak Garages – and dare we say any process of home improvement – can be made a lot more clear and a lot simpler by following a similar process to what we have outlined above

Deciding the purpose of what you want, considering every possible thing you could use it for and then making sure there is nothing left to chance and everything is accounted for and planned down to a t will make sure you are getting just what you need with nothing to spare and nothing you need to sit and wish for

We hope you enjoyed reading our article and we hope we have helped you make those life changing decisions so much easier!

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