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Investing in a stunning timber carport is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to enhancing your property. Not only do these popular outdoor structures provide excellent shelter for vehicles, offering increased security and protection against inclement weather, they also add timeless beauty to your home.

Although a high-quality timber carport can ultimately increase the value of your home, some might be hesitant to make the initial investment on account of the potential cost and workload of planning permission. However, at Oak Frames Direct we’re delighted to inform our customers that, in many cases, you do not need planning permission for a timber carport.

Whilst it is always recommended to contact your local planning authority for the final say, we’ve outlined the key regulations to understand ahead of planning your timber carport project below.

When Does a Timber Carport Not Require Planning Permission?

One of the main benefits of a detached timber carport is that it is typically classed as an outbuilding. This means that, in the vast majority of circumstances, carport construction falls under permitted development rights and therefore does not require planning permission.

However, there are certain stipulations which must be met for this to apply, namely:

  • Your timber carport must not be built in front of your home.
  • Your timber carport must be single-storey only.
  • When constructed within 2 metres of your property boundary, your timber carport must not exceed 2.5 metres in height.
  • When built more than 2 metres from a property boundary, the maximum eaves height must not exceed 2.5 metres, with a maximum overall height of 4 metres for a dual-pitched roof, or 3 metres for any other roof type.
  • Your timber carport must not have any verandas, balconies or raised platforms exceeding 0.3 metres in height.
  • Your timber carport must not take up more than 50% of land area around the original property.

When Does a Timber Carport Require Planning Permission?

Whilst those building a timber carport on their property can generally expect to proceed without having to make an application for planning permission, there are some unique circumstances in which planning permission may be required.

In addition to cases where the previously stated stipulations are not met, planning permission may also be required if:

  • Your proposed structure is intended to be used for commercial purposes, or as accommodation.
  • Your property is a listed building, or if your development is planned to take place within the curtilage of a listed building.
  • Your property is on designated land such as World Heritage Sites, areas of outstanding natural beauty, conservation areas or national parks. In these circumstances, the maximum area permitted to be covered for developments more than 20 metres from the house is 10 square metres.

It is also worth noting that the permitted development requirements outlined above apply to houses only. For other dwellings, such as flats and maisonettes, there is separate planning permission guidance to be aware of, which can be found through your local planning authority.

What to Do if Your Timber Carport Requires Planning Permission

Although the majority of timber carport projects at Oak Frames Direct do not require planning permission, you might find yourself needing to secure permission for any of the above reasons.

If this is the case, you will need to submit your application under a Householder Planning Application for timber carports within the residential curtilage of the development site, whilst any developments outside of the residential curtilage will require a Full Planning Application.

This process will usually be conducted through the UK’s online Planning Portal, and will generally require you to submit:

  • Five copies of the application form
  • The signed ownership certification
  • A site plan, block plan and elevations of the existing and proposed sites
  • A Design and Access statement
  • The owed fee

Additional paperwork, such as a Heritage Statement, may also be required for particular circumstances. For more information, refer to our comprehensive planning permission guide, and contact your local planning authority for more in-depth local guidelines and advice.

Trust Oak Frames Direct for Your New Timber Carport

With over 30 years of industry experience in the manufacturing and construction of timber carports, garages and other garden buildings, we at Oak Frames Direct have helped countless customers build their dream oak-framed structure to enhance their property.

Many of our customers opt for a timber carport as opposed to choosing to build a garage, owing to the reduced likelihood of needing to request planning permission. This means that your perfect timber carport could cost you less than you might have expected, and could be constructed sooner than you thought.
To discuss your timber carport project with our experienced team, call us today or request your free bespoke quote online.

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