Why choose to build with oak?


For centuries, oak has been admired for its strength and endurance. The decades-old oak-frame barns bear witness to the durable and stable properties of this material, and may explain why oak framing is enjoying a steady renaissance. As a nation, we have evolved to become more eco-conscious, being mindful of how the environment is affected by the lifestyle choices we make. The building and construction industry is being particularly proactive for raising awareness of the more sustainable solutions on offer. In construction, Green oak has the lowest embodied energy of any primary building material. But…

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Top 20 Interesting Oak Tree Facts

In the UK, one tree has remained a consistent favourite among the public, both to admire in nature and to use for man-made structures. This tree is the oak, and at Oak Frames Direct, we have had the pleasure of working with oak as a material in our buildings and construction kits for over 30 years. As a result, we have also learned many interesting oak facts, from its place in history and culture to how long they can live for, how tall they can grow and how many species there are. Below, we have…

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