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Time and your ability to save it is crucial to your business. Delays on-site not only mean more labour, materials, and effort, but also eat away at your revenue and have the potential to impact your relationship with your clients. If word spreads, it might even make people cautious about using your services in the future.

Oak Frames Direct is here to offer products and services that help you manage or even avoid delays entirely. Our wooden garages are designed and manufactured for a quick, seamless build and installation on any property. Even more then, they’re prepared and made ready for delivery with a fast lead time, and can be sent anywhere in the UK.

Find out more about how we’ll ensure your client’s garage is delivered on time and job-site ready. Get in touch with us today and start the discussion with our team.

4 Bay Oak Frame Garage with First Floor Oak Frames Direct (2)
Three bay garage with room above

Fast and Efficient Lead Times

We are proud to offer all of our customers quick and efficient lead times for their projects. Our wooden garages will typically be ready and sent out for delivery nationwide within 6 to 8 weeks of the work being signed off. This could make a significant difference to your project, and even to projects you might undertake in the future.

We’ve broken down how here:

  • Minimise Project Delays: With our rapid lead times, you can count on timely deliveries, reducing the risk of project delays due to material shortages or long waiting times.
  • Optimise Resource Allocation: Quick lead times mean you can efficiently allocate labour and resources. No more waiting around for materials to arrive, ensuring your team can stay productive on-site.
  • Meet Client Expectations: Your clients rely on you to complete their projects on time. Our fast lead times help you meet or even exceed their expectations, enhancing your reputation for reliability.
  • Maximise Revenue: By minimising project duration, you can take on more jobs and increase your revenue potential. You won’t have to turn down opportunities due to extended construction times.
  • Peace of Mind: Our dependable lead times provide peace of mind, knowing that your materials will arrive when you need them, allowing you to focus on delivering quality craftsmanship.

Convenient Delivery or Pickup

Every construction project has its unique logistics. That’s why we offer flexible options for the delivery or pickup of our high-quality wooden garage kits, to accelerate project pace however best meets your needs.

UK-Wide Delivery

Our extensive delivery network covers the entire UK. Whether your project is in the heart of a bustling city or a remote countryside location, we can efficiently deliver your materials right to your construction site. Our delivery service is designed to save you time and effort, ensuring your project stays on track.
Find out more about Delivery on our page and discuss it with a member of our team when you get in touch.

Site Pickup

If you prefer to collect your materials yourself, we also offer the option for site pickup. Our team will work with you to arrange a convenient pickup time, allowing you to choose the most suitable location and schedule for your needs.

The flexibility of our delivery or pickup options means you can access your materials exactly when and where you need them. It’s all part of our commitment to simplifying the construction process, ensuring that your project stays on schedule without unnecessary delays or complications.

2 Bay Garage with Room Above
2 Bay Garage

Easy Assembly

Our wooden garage kits are designed with ease of assembly in mind. All frames come pre-cut and we use traditional jointing techniques to manufacture them, ensuring that they fit together seamlessly and will be easily built for installation. This precision craftsmanship eliminates the need for complex on-site measurements and further cuts, reducing the chances of errors and streamlining the assembly process.

Because of this, you can trust that your project will benefit from a clean and efficient construction process. Beyond the frames themselves, we also provide easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that further enhance the simplicity of assembly. Even if you’re new to using our kits, you’ll find that putting them together is straightforward, allowing you to save valuable time and resources.

Beating Weather Delays

Time is of the essence in construction projects, and unpredictable weather can throw off a schedule in its entirety. But our process ensures that both we and you can work around this.

Fast lead times and prompt deliveries ahead of schedule ensure that you’re kept ahead of any potential disruptions caused by rain, sleet, or snow. Once the frames have arrived, you’ll be fully in control of when they are put together and installed. The easy-assembly design means this can be done quickly and efficiently, no matter the weather. 

Beyond this, the weatherproof nature of the materials and our use of pressure-treated timber ensures the wood will remain resistant to moisture. The structure will remain strong throughout the building work and then afterwards as well.

All of this helps you avoid escalating labour and material costs, as you will receive a product designed to be built quickly but remain durable. As a result, your clients will also benefit from the timely project completion of a high-quality wooden garage, preserving their trust in your professionalism and reliability.

2 bay oak garage with closed side store
Three bay garage with room above

Included Materials

We provide a comprehensive kit that includes all the materials required to complete the construction of your wooden garage. From the timber frames to the fixtures and fittings, we’ve got you covered. This ensures that you can start your project without delay and proceed with confidence, knowing that you have all the essential components at your disposal.

Our Repeat Service and Multiple Orders

Coordinating materials and resources for multiple projects can be a logistical challenge. That’s why we offer a dedicated repeat service that’s designed with tradespeople in mind. With our help, you’ll have the convenience of working with a single supplier for all your wood garage requirements across various projects. 

Our repeat service ensures that you can rely on us for consistent quality, quick lead times, and efficient delivery or pickup, no matter how many projects you have in the pipeline. We’re here to streamline the process for you, making it easier than ever to meet tight project timelines and ensure successful outcomes for your clients.

4 Bay Oak Frame Garage with First Floor Oak Frames Direct (11)
Three bay garage with room above

Why Choose Oak Frames Direct?

Choosing us as your trusted partner offers a multitude of benefits that directly address the time constraints you face, as well as several other issues that could come up as you work:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Our precision manufacturing and straightforward assembly process minimise the need for extensive labour, ultimately leading to higher profitability for your business.
  • Reputation Management: You’ll consistently meet project timelines, ensuring satisfied clients who are more likely to recommend your services to others. Enhance your reputation as a reliable and efficient professional in the construction industry.
  • Convenience: Whether you prefer UK-wide delivery or site pickup, we make it easy for you to access the materials you need when and where you need them. Our frames are designed for hassle-free assembly, allowing you to get to work quickly without unnecessary delays.
  • Full Support: We also understand that a successful garage construction project extends beyond the delivery of materials. That’s why we offer continuous technical support to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Use Our Oak Frame Garage Builder

Choose a starting point from the designs below and then build your own bespoke oak garage using our configurator.

One Bay Garage Kits

Our oak frame one bay garages come with a choice of roof ends and either open or closed stores at the sides if required. We also offer three depth options.

More Info

Two Bay Oak Framed Garage Kits

Our oak frame two bay garages come with a choice of roof ends and either open or closed stores at the ends if required. We also offer eight depth options.

More Info

Three Bay Oak Framed Garage Kits

Our oak frame three bay garages come with a choice of roof ends and either open or closed stores at the ends if required. We also offer eight depth options.

More Info

Two Bay Garages with Room Above

Our oak frame two bay garage kits with room above are made from high quality green oak timbers and come with either open or closed end stores, a choice of roof ends and offer two depth options.

More Info

Three Bay Garages with Room Above

Our three bay garage kits with room above are made from high quality green oak timbers using traditional jointing techniques. They come with either open or closed end stores, a choice of roof ends and offer two depth options.

More Info

Four Bay Garages with Room Above

Our oak frame four bay garage kits with room above are made from high quality green oak timbers and come with either open or closed end stores, a choice of roof ends and offer two depth options.

More Info

A Streamlined Process from Start to Finish




Why Choose Oak Frames Direct?

  • Sustainably Sourced Oak: Our garage kits are built from green oak, sustainably sourced from a designated site in France. For every tree used in the production of our products, three more saplings will be planted. We believe in the longevity of our products, prioritising sustainability in our processes. This helps ensure that we can continue to build high-quality oak buildings for many years to come.
  • Careful Wood Grading: Our team of experienced carpenters and wood graders carefully check every piece of wood as it arrives at our site. We use the latest technology to check for warps, cracks, and faults. Anything that could threaten the integrity of our garage kits will be responsibly recycled.
  • Precision Wood Cutting: Using our high-end Hundegger CNC K2 machine we cut every piece of oak with pinpoint accuracy, ruling out human error in our production process. This ensures both the ease of assembly for our kits and the strength of our finished garages.
  • Q-Mark Certified: All of our products are Q-Mark certified. Q-Mark is an industry-leading quality standard, achieved through a rigorous testing process. The Q-Mark on our garage kits testifies to the standards of our wood, our services, and the longevity of our products.

Technical Information & FAQs

We have a variety of frame types available. You can find out more here.

  1. Main span
  2. Main span with rear aisle
  3. Aisled Barn
  4. Main Span with first floor with central post
  5. Raised plate without central post
  6. Sling brace
  7. Lean-To
  8. Monopitch
  9. Flat roof

We use a selection of traditional jointing techniques. You can find out more here.

  1. Scarf Joints
  2. Mortice & Tenon Joints
  3. Lap Joints

There is a selection of traditional roof options available for your garage. You can see all the options here.

  1. Gable roof end Barn Hip roof end
  2. Full Hip roof end
  3. Catslides roof end

There are lots of traditional and modern roofing materials available. You can find all the options available here.

  1. Tiles
  2. Stone
  3. Shingle
  4. Thatch
  5. Profiled Sheet
  6. Metal
  7. Green

There are several options available depending on your circumstances. You can find out more here.

  1. Shallow Foundations
  2. Deep Foundations
  3. Insulated Walls
  4. Soleplate at FFL
  5. Dwarf Wall
  6. Oversite / Floor


We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.

A Selection Of Our Oak Framed Garages

Meet All Your Project Deadlines

Don’t let tight timelines get ahead of you, or let project challenges hold you back from completing the projects your clients want done. Reach out to Oak Frames Direct for personalised consultations and unwavering support. Our team of experts will be glad to assist you in achieving your construction goals efficiently, resulting in a wooden garage that your clients are proud to own.