Professional Planning Advice and Related Services

It’s likely that your client’s wooden garage design won’t require planning permission and will comply with Building Regulations. However, when in doubt, it’s essential to get this verified before you begin any work. Attempting to navigate permits independently or proceeding without certainty can be time-consuming, costly, and potentially unlawful.

This kind of work is when you need a team of experts on your side. Our experienced team is here to provide you with over 30 years’ worth of specialist advice, information, and services necessary to make informed decisions for your construction project. This ensures a smoother application process when the time comes. As a result, you’ll be able to move forward with the rest of your work more quickly and efficiently.

Explore our professional guides on Planning Permission, Building Regulations, and Permitted Development through the links below or reach out to our team for personalised assistance.

Three bay garage with room above
Three Bay Garage

Common Worries With Planning Restrictions

Navigating permits and regulations for timber buildings can be a daunting task, particularly if you lack prior experience in this area. These regulations encompass various aspects, including design specifications, material choices, and structural placement. The complexity involved can lead to delays and frustrations, affecting both you and your client.

When you partner with us and order an oak-framed garage kit, you’re enlisting the support of a dedicated team well-versed in these complexities. We offer a range of services to address potential obstacles, ensuring your project stays on course and meets your client’s expectations and budget within the agreed timeline.

Depending on your specific needs, we can either streamline the process immediately or guide you to the right resources for assistance. This proactive approach ensures a smoother project experience for you and timely delivery of the timber garage design your client is looking for.

Our Planning Permission Guide

Explore our comprehensive planning permission guide available on our website. This valuable resource offers detailed insights into the process of obtaining approval for high-quality wooden garages. By familiarising yourself with this guide before commencing your project, you can proactively discuss planning permission options with your client, potentially averting future issues.

The guide will also be available to you further down the line, should you undertake any other projects that also require planning permission. In this way, it also prepares you for the future and helps to cement your reputation with your clients as a reliable, knowledgeable professional who knows exactly what needs to be done for the work to be finished.

Discover the optimal timing to initiate the planning procedure, gain insights into pricing considerations, and even find guidance on what steps to take if your application faces initial rejection. Find everything you need to navigate planning regulations with confidence.

Three bay garage with room above
4 Bay Oak Frame Garage with First Floor Oak Frames Direct (10)

Wooden Garages and Building Regulations

In the majority of cases, freestanding timber buildings are not subject to building regulations. Nevertheless, it’s essential to be aware of the nuances and exceptions that may apply to individual projects. Many clients will want to build expansive, versatile solutions for additional spaces outside their primary properties, aiming to create areas that blend comfort and functionality seamlessly.

Explore our dedicated guide to gain a deeper understanding of building regulations and their potential relevance to your project. This resource provides valuable insights into the nuances of these regulations and how they may impact your specific undertaking.

Applying Building Regulations to Wooden Garages

In general, building regulations typically do not apply to a wooden garage design if it meets the following criteria:

  • The floor area of the building is less than 15 square metres
  • The building does not include any sleeping accommodations

If your client’s design falls within the range of 15 to 30 square metres, you generally won’t require building regulations approval, provided that:

  • The building does not contain any sleeping accommodation and meets one of the following conditions:
    • It is situated at least one metre away from any property boundary
    • It is constructed entirely or primarily from non-combustible materials

However, if the design is attached to your client’s home, building regulations approval will typically be necessary, regardless of its size. When seeking approval for a construction design, it is essential to ensure that the structure adheres to reasonable construction standards.

2 Bay Garage
4 Bay Oak Frame Garage with First Floor Oak Frames Direct

Permitted Development: What You Should Know

Your chosen wooden garage design may (and for most small designs, is likely to) fall under permitted development. However, we strongly recommend verifying this with the Local Planning Authority in your client’s area before proceeding. Localised regulations and additional limitations may apply, and it’s essential to ensure compliance.

If compliance is not met and work has already begun on a wood garage design, it’s likely that the authority will make you tear down the work. This will result in you having to start the work over from the beginning.

Permitted development status is subject to specific conditions that the garage must meet upon installation. For a comprehensive list of these conditions and detailed guidance, please refer to our guide below.

Our Expert Recommendations

We highly recommend collaborating with a specialised Planning Consultant when applying for planning permission. Our team can connect you with professionals we have partnered with for over a decade, and their expertise has enabled numerous customers to successfully build our timber garage kits. 

Because of their help, there are now thousands of buildings from Oak Frames Direct across the length and breadth of the UK.

The owner and Associate of this Chartered Professional practice have a collective experience of over 30 years in architectural practices. They hold full qualifications in planning matters and building design, ensuring a deep understanding of our timber garage products, materials, and construction techniques used in their creation.

This experience working with us makes them the best team to turn to when you need professional advice.

Three bay garage with room above
2 Bay Garage

Planning Drawings from In-House Specialists

We offer a practical solution to expedite the planning application process: our in-house specialist team can provide you with precise planning drawings. These drawings are crucial for your submission to the Local Planning Authority, as they help clarify the property layout and facilitate the authority’s understanding and approval of the proposal.

Our planning drawing service is cost-effective, and when you order the necessary frames from us, we’ll deduct the fee from the frame price. This ensures a seamless and convenient process for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for retrospective planning permission if I’ve already built a garage without approval?

Yes, you or your client can apply for retrospective planning permission, but approval is not guaranteed. Every application made in this manner will be treated in the usual way. That’s why it’s advisable to consult with experts if you’re going to navigate this process. 

Do my clients need to consult with neighbours before applying for planning permission?

While it’s not always required, your clients consulting with their neighbours can help prevent objections and conflicts.

Can I appeal a planning decision if the application is denied?

Yes, you can appeal a planning decision if your application is denied.

Are there specific design requirements or materials I need to adhere to for planning compliance?

Yes, planning regulations often specify design and material requirements to ensure harmony with the surrounding area. We can offer advice and guidance on compliant design and materials, and point you in the direction of our approved Planning Consultant.

Use Our Oak Frame Garage Builder

Choose a starting point from the designs below and then build your own bespoke oak garage using our configurator.

One Bay Garage Kits

Our oak frame one bay garages come with a choice of roof ends and either open or closed stores at the sides if required. We also offer three depth options.

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Two Bay Oak Framed Garage Kits

Our oak frame two bay garages come with a choice of roof ends and either open or closed stores at the ends if required. We also offer eight depth options.

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Three Bay Oak Framed Garage Kits

Our oak frame three bay garages come with a choice of roof ends and either open or closed stores at the ends if required. We also offer eight depth options.

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Two Bay Garages with Room Above

Our oak frame two bay garage kits with room above are made from high quality green oak timbers and come with either open or closed end stores, a choice of roof ends and offer two depth options.

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Three Bay Garages with Room Above

Our three bay garage kits with room above are made from high quality green oak timbers using traditional jointing techniques. They come with either open or closed end stores, a choice of roof ends and offer two depth options.

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Four Bay Garages with Room Above

Our oak frame four bay garage kits with room above are made from high quality green oak timbers and come with either open or closed end stores, a choice of roof ends and offer two depth options.

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A Streamlined Process from Start to Finish




Why Choose Oak Frames Direct?

  • Sustainably Sourced Oak: Our garage kits are built from green oak, sustainably sourced from a designated site in France. For every tree used in the production of our products, three more saplings will be planted. We believe in the longevity of our products, prioritising sustainability in our processes. This helps ensure that we can continue to build high-quality oak buildings for many years to come.
  • Careful Wood Grading: Our team of experienced carpenters and wood graders carefully check every piece of wood as it arrives at our site. We use the latest technology to check for warps, cracks, and faults. Anything that could threaten the integrity of our garage kits will be responsibly recycled.
  • Precision Wood Cutting: Using our high-end Hundegger CNC K2 machine we cut every piece of oak with pinpoint accuracy, ruling out human error in our production process. This ensures both the ease of assembly for our kits and the strength of our finished garages.
  • Q-Mark Certified: All of our products are Q-Mark certified. Q-Mark is an industry-leading quality standard, achieved through a rigorous testing process. The Q-Mark on our garage kits testifies to the standards of our wood, our services, and the longevity of our products.

Technical Information & FAQs

We have a variety of frame types available. You can find out more here.

  1. Main span
  2. Main span with rear aisle
  3. Aisled Barn
  4. Main Span with first floor with central post
  5. Raised plate without central post
  6. Sling brace
  7. Lean-To
  8. Monopitch
  9. Flat roof

We use a selection of traditional jointing techniques. You can find out more here.

  1. Scarf Joints
  2. Mortice & Tenon Joints
  3. Lap Joints

There is a selection of traditional roof options available for your garage. You can see all the options here.

  1. Gable roof end Barn Hip roof end
  2. Full Hip roof end
  3. Catslides roof end

There are lots of traditional and modern roofing materials available. You can find all the options available here.

  1. Tiles
  2. Stone
  3. Shingle
  4. Thatch
  5. Profiled Sheet
  6. Metal
  7. Green

There are several options available depending on your circumstances. You can find out more here.

  1. Shallow Foundations
  2. Deep Foundations
  3. Insulated Walls
  4. Soleplate at FFL
  5. Dwarf Wall
  6. Oversite / Floor


We supply a wide range of oak frames all across the UK.

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Our team of experts is prepared to offer you valuable insights and personalised recommendations to ensure your project complies with any potential planning restrictions. If you’re eager to begin construction on a wooden garage for your client without delays, Oak Frames Direct is here to assist you every step of the way.

From our expert advice to our high-quality, easy-to-assemble wooden garage kits, we have designed everything to streamline the process. Contact us today to discover how we can provide professional assistance from planning to construction, making your project a seamless success.