Aftercare for Your New Oak Framed Building

Congratulations on purchasing your new oak framed building! With this high quality, long-lasting product you are guaranteed the perfect garage, workshop, summer house or home office for many years to come. We hope that you will enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed putting the kit together for you.

Both during the installation process and once your kit has been assembled and is ready for use, there will be some measures to take to ensure the new build stays in its ideal working condition. Below, you can download our aftercare manual, which will tell you everything you need to know about how to care for your kit and the new building that will be the end result.

Points detailed in our professionally-written manual include:

  • What to expect from your new oak frame
  • Tannin marks and how to treat them
  • Weatherboard maintenance
  • Joinery maintenance
  • Storage before assembly
  • Maintenance during the building process
  • Glass care
  • Checking the condition of your goods

For More Information

If you have any further questions about your purchased product, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as you need to. We want our customers to be happy with the product they have received. As such, we will provide all the expertise and guidance you would like, to help you keep your oak framed building exactly as you imagined it before it was bought and built.

We will also be happy to help if you decide that you would like to purchase a new kit, to expand and enhance the use of your current building. Contact us if this is something you would like to consider, and we can discuss it with you.